Friday, May 19, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Let's see, which would you prefer; being struck by lightning, or having a two year old vomit in your lap. Twice. I'm leaning toward the lightning.

Yes, we have sickies again. I'm sure it's got something to do with all the sand she's been eating, it can't be good for her, and I don't think it counts as fiber. So I was up a lot last night to the call of "Mummy, Mummy!" and there with a cuddle and comforting pat on the bottom. She's got a low fever too, but I can't get her to cool down, and she won't keep any meds down either. At least she's drinking this morning (and I want gin, please.), so I'm not going to worry yet. Just another one of those things. But why do kids always get sick near the weekend when the doctor's offices are closed?? Surely there's an ER nurse out there who thinks the same thing every Friday.

At least I got to watch the introductions for Big Brother 7, and already I don't like most of them, so it should be good viewing for the next three months. I'm a bit jealous of you Aussies though!! I hear you've got an attractive man who likes to shower in the nude, and he's not a fat bastard. I wonder if I can get live stream for that...Yah, ok I like big Brother, I'm not going to apologize for that. It'll keep me moderately entertained until Wimbeldon. And since I'm stuck watching endless kids shows; well no, I don't watch them I listen to them and avoid actual coherent alignment to said children's shows, so to get my own junk shit programming from BB is really nice.

First impressions:

Bonnie: What a twat. She has a weird accent and I think she's faking it to try and sound posh but sounds more like she has a serious headcold. Every time she introduced herself, she'd say "I'm Bonnah" to which she received "Bunny?" "Donna?" "Bono?" she's just not getting it right, and I hope once she forgets about the cameras she'll try and be her true self. If she even knows who that is.

Pete: He's an actor. Although he says he's an "unemplyed rock-n-roll singer/cartoonist" he's an actor. He came in acting like Lee Evans with Touretts, but not the swearing kind, more the yelping twitching kind. He even did a prat fall down the stairs before getting into the house. It's amazing how much he calmed down once he was in the house, he really looked exhausted.

Mikey: He's a model/software developer...yeah really. He's also a total over the top misogynist of the barefoot and pregnant class. I think it's all talk, so far, just to be outrageous. We'll see.

Lisa: My current favourite. She's an upholsterer who's very loud, hyper, silly and smokes a pack and a half a day. She's got a brilliant cheeky British accent and she's Chinese, so she's full of the quirk.

The others I'm too sure about yet. There's Shahbaz the token poof; he actually calls himself the "British-born Scottish Paki-Poof", and I wonder how many headlines and/or hate mail he'll get from other Muslims. He's tres camp, but I'm not sure about his sincerity. Shahbaz has been flirting with the other openly gay housemate, Richard, who calls himself a "Sexual Terrorist." (but all I saw was him running in terror from Shahbaz, clutching Lisa and begging "bodyguard, Bodyguard!" so I think we know who the *real* sexual terrorist is) and I now wonder if this is a thing with gay men, to have a tagline for themselves? There are assorted bimboes, and one angry black woman - who actually seems to be really nice and friendly for all her warnings that she doesn't want to make friends with anyone, ever. Sharing a small house with 13 strangers is ok though. I really hope it doesn't all suck.

So I'm tripping on my lip because I can't go to the gym today, and I'll have make due with a couple of TaeBo DVDs instead. Wash barf out of the laundry all that kind of boring domestic crap, and the kids are totally barred from going into my room now, I'm tired of finding sand in my bed!! Damned kids and sandy feet jumping on my bed. Oh, and you eager beaver folks who like to post up about who got voted off on American Idol, stop it! We don't get to see it until Fridays and you're ruining my fun! But wow, they voted off Elliott the elf!! Well, actually he's more of a taru taru.

Does anyone else feel they come across far more clever when they comment on someone else's blog, than when they post on their own? Ok, just me then.

My mantra for today is: I will not eat toast, I will not eat toast, I will not fucking eat anymore fucking toast!


Gerbera Daisy said...

Sorry to hear you have sick kids again. Hope they feel better soon. Hope you have a good weekend.

Random Bovine said...

About the comment thing. I usually feel like an idiot when I comment on someone else's blog because I just go on and on with no real point to a word that I am posting and then I get all tangled up and forget to punctuate.

Thanks for visiting my blog btw - I think you are the first visitor from my home country that has swung by.

chryscat said...

Lightning, yes. Vomit, no.

Sorry the sandy kids are feeling ill again. Hopefully they will come 'round soon.
I don't watch Big Brother. But then again, I don't watch much television.
I DID watch Ultimate Fighter last night. Because, I mean really, shouldn't every woman watch athletic men in small shorts beat the shit out of each other?

Lyvvie said...

Absolutely, hell yeah!! I was raised on WWF wrestling, boxing and kung fu movies.

I have no clue what Ultimate Fighter is, but I'd love it, I'm sure.

NWJR said...

Taylor should win. Period.

I have a great vomit story, but I'll save it for my own blog.

Maja said...

Hmm, puke! I don't like big brother. Those people just annoy me and I've got better things to do that be annoyed by people on tv. Sleep would be good right now.

Lyvvie said...

Maja, when I was the working woman I didn't watch any of these things either, TV time was rare, precious and saved for the really good shows. Now, it's not so much an issue. I watched BB for the first time in 2004, Shortie had just been born and I had a lot od sleepless nights, BB was the only thing on in the early hours worth a watch. Now, it's just a dirty habit.

Thanks NWJR for keeping the barf off my blog, I've had more than enough already *grin* (And I was really pissed they voted off Chris, he was my favourite!)

Josh Jordan said...

I know Pete. He's not an actor, honestly. He played up to the cameras a little at first. Now he's just being himself.

He is a lovely guy, very sweet, very kind, very giving.

Oh and yeah, he swears and twitches most of the time. It's more when he's a little worried and nervious.

Lyvvie said...

Really? He doesn't want to be an actor? He could so *be* an actor! He immitates Lee Evans, Jim Carey...He should strike out on his own and get with the stand-up because he has the charisma to make it, seriously! It was awful what the SUN wrote about him snorting traqs though, but then it was the SUN so who belives their drivel?

He's definately my favourite male housemate, and Lisa is still top choice for me.

The Whining Stranger said...

A tough game of 'Oranges and Apples,' for sure, but I gotta go with "Get struck by lightning."