Sunday, April 02, 2006


(Saturday 1 April...The child gets in the first joke - Deprive her family of sleep)

Today was spent in the company of our very best friend Colin. He's a super great man, and the Hub's best friend; they talk a lot of techno-geek together and I nod and allow them to buy me lunch, coffee, whatever. We went to the mall, browsed a lot. I bought some hair bleach so I can prelighten some wee streaks for a brighter colour contrast and some blistex. I really wanted some carmex - but can't find it here in the UK. I know it's an addictive substance - but I'm Jonesing for some. (Where does the phrase "Jonesing" come from?? Was there some famous Jones who was known for his uncontrollable behaviour satisfying his/her addictions??)

I am completely exhausted, and silly with it. Shortie decided to have a tantrum, non stop, until about 3 am this morning. We then got up at 7 for swimming. I refused the swim, taking IV coffee instead. I've been a wee bit naughty with my foods today, but not out of control. I'm up to the gym tomorrow, so I think I'll have balance. When I told Colin I was going to lose 8 stone in total, he said "There'll be nothing left to ya!" - We love Colin, don't we. He's single...any takers? He's a stand-up comic, and very well paid. eh? Huh? anyone? We'll talk later maybe.

I am very thirsty...always happens when I go out shopping, I forget to drink water and end up very dehydrated, and peeing all night from the 2 liters of water I drink before bed. If Shortie pulls her shit again tonight - I'll be ready.

Oh...and we're getting rid of the pacifiers tonight. that'll give her a reason to have a fit, at least. Wish me luck and lucid dreams.

A nice weekend to you all.

(Sunday Morning, April 2nd)

She did alright. She woke and had one huge fit for about an hour, and then stopped dead in mid-cry and went to sleep. No lie, it was "WAH WAH WAHHHHH. *sleep*

She woke again for about five minutes, but went right back to sleep then too. So not too bad. She didn't seem to miss the dum-dum much at all. We'd made a big show of gathering the four we have, and made her put them in the bin - to a rousing family applause each time and a standing ovation after the last one. She clapped for herself too. So she knew they were gone, but she didn't ask for them once. She drooled a lot less, which is a bonus.

I now have the vague tinglings of a cold. I hate that. And I wanted to go to the gym...I still may. It's not the flu, just a cold. Some sudafed will sort it out. I need sleep...but I want to go to the gym.

Do you hear me...I WANT to go to the gym. Look how far I've come.


tornwordo said...

Maybe the gym will help ward off the cold? Cram vitamin C now!!!!

You sound quite lucky with the pacifier eradication plan. It could have been so much worse.

And you reminded me, I had a student who fell asleep reading aloud a couple weeks ago. In mid sentence, no less!

Maja said...

Can you sleep and go to the gym?

I'm wondering whether I should do a new post, or wake Geezer up... I suppose I should let him sleep.. he got up at 3am and didn't come back to bed till daylight... but it's 10am now!

Lyvvie said...

Not only should you wake him, but you must make him do a whole lot of aerobics.

You're on vacation - enjoy each other!!!