Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's a beautiful day!


Folks are finally noticing I've lost weight! Yesterday I had three comments!! The Hubs woke up early and was rubbing my belly, and he said "You feel different, you are losing weight." but in a good way - it was all tone of voice.

Then, Great-Grandma was talking to me, when in the middle of her sentence she reaches over and grasps my arm and says "Your face is looking thinner dear, you're starting to look more like your old self." and then I shouted "No, You're old!" and then there were tears...Just kidding. I'm always polite to GGrandma, in fact I volunteered to paint her bedroom and hallways for her. I love that woman.

The third was a Schoolmum/polite-chat friend/fellow occasional gym lady who also mentioned my face was slimmer.

So huzzah! We went to the Museum, and had a lovely day, it was really busy with everyone else in the city having the same idea, but it was ok. They had a "Creepy Crawlies" exhibit we wanted to see where they have giant moving models of bugs, a stamp book tour, and a model kitchen with all kids of disgusting things in the drawers when you open them, like: weevels, termites, silverfish, get the idea. It was great for the kids, but I was grossed out. I want to drown my kitchen in bleach and DDT.

For dinner last night I made Tesco Chicken Korma (The exploding kind- only ours didn't) wraps with salad and a small bit of cream cheese, they're so yummy! I was extremely cautious of the korma, just in case it decided to become napalm.

And, yet again, I was hungry at bedtime. I had a small bowl of choco-krispies and that kept me sleeping until morning. I'm a bit bummed out - I was going to ask Neel about the hunger surges, but he's not touched his blogs since December. I could e-mail him, but that may be rude; what do you think?

Anyways, hope you folks had a nice weekend. I'm going to make a huge effort to sleep in past 7am tomorrow, as we have no reason to wake up at all. I was at the gym today - had an awesome time. I'll be going again tomorrow morning, and the Hubs has said he'll get me the annual membership after April payday on the 15th. Hooray2!!

Can I just tell you folks, I cooked up the most fucking amazing sirloin steaks for dinner tonight. I used to ruin every steak I ever tried to cook, but I finally figured out the secret: Hammer them a few times and don't cook them too much. A minute and a half each side is all that's needed on a very, very hot grillpan and they're amazing. Sassy asked for seconds - what a sweet wee carnivore she is. Anyways, I just wanted to brag. We don't have steak very often, maybe a few times a year so when it's prepared, it's damned special.


tornwordo said...

Nice update. You're right, that's exactly how to cook a steak. We'll be doing ours shortly. Have a nice week! Congrats on the weight loss!

Maja said...

Yay! Everyone's finally noticing! I reckon that every time you're hungry, you're literally losing weight right at that moment... hehe enjoy the hunger!

Hey you watched the Office didn't you? I put at office-related joke on Geezer's blog and no one who commented got it :( HE PREFERS A FLAN!! Maybe it's just funny for me and Geezer...

Gerbera Daisy said...

Congratulations not only for the weight loss, but for people actually noticing!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

Lyvvie said...

Tornwordo - Thank you!! The good thing about eating a nice steak. is you're not hungry for ages after. Hope yours was just as heavenly.

Maja - I admit, I think the same, hunger pains = fat melting away. Funny ole' birds we are.

No, I've never watched even one episode of The Office, so I have no clue what all the hub-bub is about. It's not even in re-run over here. It used to be on opposite Buffy, and I wasn't missing the final series for nothing! I make due with Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps which makes me laugh out loud several times per show, and The Karen Dunbar Show, which is where I practice my 'Weegie accent.

GDD - Are you back? I was wondering where you went. I'm on my way to check your blog out right now!!

SafeTinspector said...

Good on you!
...can you make some nice fish, too?

gusgreeper said...

sweet! bring on some photos! :)

P.S. my maid of honour got 2 right on my quiz- don't feel bad. she was PISSED.

shoopska said...

excellent work lyvvie.
but don't let yourself get too proud about being hungry! it's a bad road that one... (and i say that having spent a year living with a girl who lost a nice amount of weight and then sadly kept going).
your steaks do sound delish... there really is nothing like a good bloody hunk of beef, eh.

Sylvana said...

Glad to hear about your success in the weight loss. You will inspire me.

I would email. But I am a fairly forward person.