Thursday, April 06, 2006

I want to have a tantrum.

Everyone else gets to have hissy fits, but not me. Noooo, I've got to be the grown-up. I have to lead by example. What a great big pile of crap! They certainly didn't learn to be conniption freaks from me, seriously, I'd rather show them how to do it properly!!

No, seriously, I just want them to stop. I want them to be smart, charming and sweet. I want my girls to be just like Shirley Temple. Not be like Lucy, but then I should talk, as I've always felt like I was Lucy. I even went to University for Psychology; not that I bother with it at all; I find listening to folks talk about depressing stuff just too...uhm, depressing.

What was I talking about again? Oh, yeah. The kids are bugging the tits off me. So, you folks can be my psychiatrists, and listen to me blabber on and complain; ok? Ok.

I'm very tired. Shortie has a cold, and she's needed her inhaler every two hours. She's not sleeping well either. I have a cold, but I've been fighting it. I have a sinus infection, so everytime I bend down I get stabbing pain in my forehead. The other night the pain was so bad, the whole left side of my head was throbbing, down to my shoulder blade and it was hot. I had no medicine in the house, so had to suffer it. I did buy some migrane pain killers in the morning, and I went to the gym. I'm not letting a headache stop me going to the gym!! Actually, I'm convinced that the workouts are stopping the cold from taking hold and knocking me on my ass.

I am, so tired now. Sassy keeps having tantrums because I say "No." everytime she asks for sweets. Sorry, but I'm not giving her sweets all day. She gets a sweet with her lunch, and a sweet if she eats her dinner, and that's enough. I'm not wasting my money on candies. It's naughty. It's bad.



Gerbera Daisy said...

When my girls were younger, I felt like you. I, too, wanted them to be all "sugar and spice and everything nice", like Shirley Temple. But I guess if they behave outside the house and are only whiney & grumpy at home it isn't so bad. I would rather have them behave while out any day. And really, if ya can't be grumpy at home, where can ya be grumpy??

Maja said...

I think you should totally have a tantrum at them. Let it all out!