Friday, April 21, 2006

Hmmm, Worrying.

While walking to the grocery store, Shortie and I were pointing to some woodpigeons that were cooing to each other from the differeent rooftops of the close built homes. Shortie likes to birdcall, so she coo-coos back.

Shortie: Whoo-whoooo Whoo-whoo

Pigeon on #47: Hooo hoo-hoo

pigeon on #42: Hooo hoo-hoo

Pigeon on #46: Wheeeze Wheeze-oo Wheezehoo

Should I call someone? will a SWAT team arive with a hundred pellet guns and take out the asthmatic bird? Well, let's be childish and assume he has asthma - the alternative makes me want to hunch down like Snoopy being the vulture and grumble. I'll just, uhm, keep quiet.

Songs I'm loving right now:

Crazy song (the video is pretty cool too)

The Yeah Yeah Yeah song - Flaming Lips I have a soft spot for a talking guitar ever since Eddie Van Halen made my heart beat faster as a pre-teen.


SafeTinspector said...

Your duty to humanity is to immediately slaughter the bird with your BARE HANDS!

gina said...

hahahaha. just visiting. saw ya on karlababble. thanks for the laugh.