Sunday, April 23, 2006


I have had a semi-sick child for a couple weeks, but a bit worse off since Wednesday. Shortie has moments of fever that go away without meds, she has a weird rash that gets better and then overnight it gets worse again; so I keep putting blankets on and off of her for fear of her being too cold or too hot - at almost two she's still too lazy to pull her own blanket up. She'll cry in the night and when I walk in, she'll point at the blanket crumpled at her feet, eight inches away - lazy beastie.

She's now got the squits. All of yesterday, and all last night I was changing minging nappies. She seems alright, no cramps or anything, and she wants to go out and play but being the big meanie that I am, I make her stay put and watch television instead. I was reading until midnight, knowing that the minute I turn out the light, Shortie would rouse and riot; which she did, on que. I kept the windows open to air out the upstairs from the smell - extra blankets all around. When I did sleep, I was having weird dreams about being at a water slide fun park but it was taken over by motorcycle gangs on route to Laconia NH. Motley Crue circa 1988 were there, but they were all watching the little kids, like creche nannies. Biker ladies in ubertight leather jeans getting stuck on the slide, finding out the hard way that leather is not a slippy-slide material. Everyone freaks over broken glass (which in RL is my big phobia) and pretty little girls in frilly dresses styled from the early 1900's squeal as black haired, tattooed biker dad's save their wee feet from glasscuts. It was bizarre. I can't find the underlying meaning - it was just dream soup.

Hubs should be home later today, he was out for a stag party in Glasgow last night. He'll be exhausted, hung over and I will hand over Ms. PukeBum and go out to the gym for some peace. If only I could rent a sleepsuite at the gym. I'm aiming to go for six days this week, so fingers crossed for me not to catch whatever Shortie has. I couldn't bear the setback. Especially after the very piggy breakfast I've just had: three rashers of bacon and four slices of black pudding(I know most folks gag at the thought, but trust me; they taste like Dunkin Donuts plain donuts - they're lovely.) nothing else, just 600 calories of porky goodness washed down with two cups of strong coffee.


Gerbera Daisy said...

I hope the baby gets to feeling better soon.

gina said...

ok, you lost me when i read the first ingredient is BLOOD. i dont eat landroamers or their juices. lol.

here's to 6 days at the gym this week. perhaps me too??

chryscat said...

Hope the wee ones feel better. And I'm crossing fingers that you and the gym get together those six days.
And now, that I've read your dream soup, I'm hoping like hell that Motley Crue doesn't come visit me tonight. I actually caught their Dr. Feelgood concert. *sigh* Back in the day.

Maja said...

Mmmm coffee! I haven't had any today! I'm so glad that Geezer's child is already a teenager, though it does involve a lot of driving her around to places. But that I can handle. I hope Shortie gets better soon! xox

Fidget said...

I have always thought that gym memberships would skyrocket if they had a nap room. 25 beds, one attendant to rouse you are your desired time - 2 hour time limit - oh yeah!

MoMMY said...

hope everyone is/stays well! Put in a little time in the gym for me too. Think you could burn off the m&m's I ate tonight?

geezer squeezer! said...

bah! poor squitsy-bum! hand her over to hung over hubby YES!
yay for you and i love the denim erection!