Monday, March 27, 2006

SBD, and Weekend Summary.

Being Monday, it's Smart Bitches Day - where women celebrate their smarts, and their love or frustration around the world of romance novels. Ah yes, I do like a romance novel; it's Girl-porn...but where you whisper the "porn" bit, and let's be honest, women who read romance novels make better lovers because we're reading about many new techniques. And the many ways on how to make trouble for ourselves and unfortunate heroes, but there's a bit of bad with all things good, right?

Now, I've maintained (har har - larf!) two blogs, this one and a writing one. I have seriously neglected the writing one in favor of this one, I mean, it had a layer of dust in it that someone wrote "I wish my wife was as dirty as this blog". It may have been my Husband. So I'm going to integrate them, I'll now talk about my writing struggles here, because just like every other aspect of my life, I cannot separate it out. It's mixed in and mingled, stuck on like tit-tape, and about as reliable. I'm steady in most of my life, but my writing is manic-depressive.

Reading is in the same boat - I'm either reading everything I can get my hands on, five books at once, or I give it all up and can't even stand to read traffic signs. I'm gearing up for a marathon romance novel session. From Amazon, I've purchased:

Johanna Lindsey, "A Loving Scoundrel" I've always liked a Lindsey novel.

Sherrilyn Kenyon, "Night Embrace", This will be a new thing for me, as I've not read a paranormal romance. (Well, ok of course I've read the "Outlander Series" but I stopped at number three because it was getting really dull and head-banging painful - I share Beth's feelings on that, and she's spent a lot of her spleen on expressing how bad it got, so go read her reviews.) It's got a cursed hero, and a vampire in there somewhere, I think. I figured since I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this could be ok. Also the author was mentioned on Sheila's blog, but I can't find the reference now. I think it was something about the author writing a blurb on one of her own books with her pseudonym - There's self-promotion for ya! But don't quote me, it's all hearsay and possible fibbing libel. (I always find it interesting how "hearsay" and "heresy" are close cousins.)(***Just found it, it was on the SBTN page, but Sheila's is so good, go visit her anyways. Here's the story.)

And THREE Laura Kinsale books(Now, she does look a bit like a prairie Muffin in those pictures, but she's not, really. At least I don't think she is...) "For my Lady's Heart", "Hidden Heart" , and "Shadow Heart"

Now, the Kinsales are going to be fun because I'm buying them on the raves of Beth, who not only loves Kinsale, but has somewhat befriended her, as Laura has a blog, and has commented on Beth's. How cool is that? I have yet to hear about JKRowling commenting on anyone's blog to say thanks for the praise. (BTW - I love you JKRowling and think it's really sad that Nicholson cafe is now an "all you can eat" Chinese buffet. Who can write in a Starbucks - for one thing they all seem to have some student running the music, and it's the "World music in Percussion" cd that's on. *wink* I'll meet you at the Metropole one day for a latte, let the kids chew on the gameboards and just have a good ole' gossip. Call me!") and she even commented on the dusty writing blog of mine once upon a time - she's quite a bit o'awright and I'm looking forward to Evan the adorable Postman to drop those through the letterbox.

Why the romance novel cramming? Well, It's Spring isn't it - that's a time for randy fun stuff... and just b'cuz I wanna, K? Pick one up yourself and enjoy.

So, the weekend Summary will be short. It was Mother's Day this weekend in the UK, so Saturday was spent visiting Great-Grandma, and Grandma. We did some shopping and bought clothes for these kids who just won't stop growing. Sassy's now at the point where she hates clothes and shoe shopping. Well, that'll be great for the wallet when she hits the teen years, We shall encourage a dislike in clothes in shoe shopping. Sassy may grow up to look like a cleaning lady but....oh hell I can't let her do that to herself...Here, this one's at least cute. The only downer was that we got to ring in the Mothering Sunday cleaning up copious amounts of vomit that Shortie painted all over her bedroom and the bathroom (yes, the Hubs carried her into the bathroom, positioned her over the toilet and forgot to lift the seat. It was chicken and pickles everywhere.) She's fine now.

I got a lovely homemade card, a wee Japanese wooden doll, and a couple of satin flowers. I got some peace to color my hair - it's now plum-black, with bright pink highlights at the front. It looks really cool, but I'm going to re-do the pink so it's a bit brighter. The only downer, is that I now have purple sweat. I'm going to claim it as a fashion triumph - Come on, how cool am I? Well I sweat in rainbow colors, baby. It's not lame not even one lil bit. I'll be ok at the gym...honest. Lilac perspiration - you'll wish you did too.

We went up to visit our friends and had a FABulous Sunday. We had big lunch out in St. Andrews, I had nachos with chili. Then we all went to the beach and flew kites until the rain sent us away. The kids ate lots of sand, Sassy poked at clams that had their huge tongues out, spitting water at her. Who needs the gym - all you need is good wind and a power kite! Our delightful friends plied us with lots of fresh cream cakes, and we bought ice cream and cones - so it was a dairy, fat and sugar feast. I ate so much diary yesterday - like 6 months worth in one day. It was glorious, we had so much fun. I'm behaving today though.

Our friends invited us over for a family sleep over! Where the kids can all sleep in the bunk beds, cuddled up and giggling like goobers, we get the spare bedroom; and it's all popcorn, movies and fun! Although Leslie said it would be "...snacks and adult movies!" we had a half second of mental digestion before we broke we allout in giggles.

Mostly good times, with a bit of vomit for clarity. How was your weekend?


NWJR said...

My Grandmother was about as straight-laced as they come, but she loved trashy romance novels. She was discussing them one day, and came up with this gem:

"Oh, they're all the same, but there's one thing they all do that I just don't understand. I mean, who wants their tongue up someone's twat?"

I just about spat my drink through my nose. I held back the urge to say something along the lines of "don't knock it 'till you try it," but I held back. Wisely, I suppose.

Manblogger641 said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great weekend.

Douglas Hoffman said...

nwjr . . . isn't it wonderful that we've come so far since grandma's time?

Most embarrassing cunnilingus moment: my wife and I rented the Jack Nicholson version of The Postman Always Rings Twice and watched it with her mother. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. Not a comfortable experience.

Maja said...

Sounds like you had an ace weekend!

Romance novels.. I haven't read one since Pride and Prejudice!

I think it's a great idea to combine your blogs. Tell us all!

Bennet said...

I didn't vomit so I guess my weekend wasn't so great after all.