Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A review...

Well I finished the Sherrilyn Kenyon book, Night Embrace. It's pretty good! It was really funny in parts, the dialogue was brilliant, and I liked most of the characters. I've now realized this one is one of the latest in the "Dark-Hunter" series and there's about four or five books ahead of it, which kind of explains why I had moments of "I have no frigging clue what she's talking about, but I'll muddle on". There were entirely too many characters mentioned, but it seems they all have their own stories previous to this one - so this book is filled with cameos. I checked out her website - this woman is a machine - she's turning out like 4-5 novels per year! Where does she get the time or energy?!?! So f-word jealous.

I was a bit overwhelmed about half-way through because it seems Ms. Kenyon has turned New Orleans into a multi-species society. There's were-wolfs, were-bears, were-panthers, dark-hunters (who are good vampires), daimons (who are bad vampires), Greek Gods, Celtic Gods, Shamans and Altanteans. I'm surprised to find there are a few bog-standard humans running around, but they're called "cattle" because everyone's trying to eat them. My suspension of disbelief was seriously tested, and failed. Although I did read a review that warned me to leave my analytical mind behind, I had to lock it in the bedside table.

The sex scenes are FAB! Why can't sex be like that in real life? It's one of the reasons I went off romance novels - it's always better in the imagination, and men don't read these tomes to get sex tips, so women really are screwed. Beth has a brilliant rant about her up.

I think there's a way too much leather, black and Harleys for my taste, but it fits the story. They all seem to be gigantic, like 6 foot 4 or taller, all rippling muscle and wearing leather...on their Harley. I do believe Ms. Kenyon got her character inspiration from watching World Wrestling Federation, and in particular - The UnderTaker. A lot of the machismo is pure WWF, although in my imagination, the acting is way better.

I liked it enough that I'm missing the book now I'm done, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. It is a bit of Buffy, a dash of Xena with a lot of hot sex scenes. It's a nice escape from reality, a good bit of candy. Entertaining, which is what a book should be, right? I mean, don't we read to be entertained? I think they should...but then why some folks are drawn to Fermat's Last Theorem (ZZZzzzzZZZzzzz) I just don't know, or Smilla's feeling for Snow...another book I was quite bored with. Both books my Husband loved, as did millions of other folks - so there you go. Just not my style of fun read.

I'd say go ahead and have a go at the Kenyons. Although, funny thing, when I called my local library to see if they had any more of her books, they said yes - in their Junior section. When I asked for the titles, I warned them these were quite sexy romance novels, perhaps not for the thirteen year olds, and not for the Junior section. They're looking into it. I'm now trying to scrounge up some pennies to buy a few more.

And my Kinsales haven't arrived yet...I'm getting cranky for my new books.

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Maja said...

I'm currently reading the penultimate peril.. the second to last Lemony Snicket book.. it's sitting on the desk next to my diary as I type this! Have you read the lemony snicket books? They may be for kids, but I just love them :)