Friday, March 31, 2006


It's pouring out. I can't go to the gym. Well, I could go, but I'd be soaked with squelching shoes and be quite a misery. I could wear my wellie boots up to the gym, but I think they'd rub a raw spot on my feet before the mile was up. I could wear one pair of sneaker up to the gym, wear a dry pair in the gym, and then the wet ones home - but I'll still end up with wet feet. I hate having wet feet.

Shortie isn't feeling too well, she's had two nights of interrupted sleep. I think she's too hot at night, she's got a bit of heat rash up her back...what's going to happen when summer hits? But, I think she's well enough for an hour and a half in the nursery. It would do her good to be distracted for that time. I should go up to the gym for her sake. So she can play.

But I'd still have to walk two miles in the rain.

It's times like this I wish I took drugs. NO I should be positive. It's just a bit of water falling out of the sky. Not the end of the world. I'm just a bit tired, too. I can do this. What's a wee walk in the rain? I'm not made of sugar, I won't melt.

I could put on an exercise DVD, instead. But, I know I won't. And Shortie won't let me work out in the living room; she turns into a cat and tries to wind herself up between my feet.


Motivation and inspirations are nothing without a backbone. OK, need a positive thought: A year ago I was nearly crippled with plantar fasciitis, and it's gone now. I suffered nearly 12 months of being able to walk by day, to hopping on one foot at night, and not being able to do any exercise that put pressure on my feet. Now I can do these things...and I am going to.


tornwordo said...

Plantar fascitis is gnarly, girl. I too have suffered that road. I have little inserts in all my shoes and even slippers now. I will never mistreat my feet again!

Lyvvie said...

Someone who understands!! How great. I felt like such a weirdo; one minute I could walk fine, walk for miles. We'd sit for some lunch and then I couldn't walk back because the fascia had shrunk back.

I had it in both feet, which was really soul destroying for someone who doesn't drive and needs to walk everywhere.

I got it from getting into exercise too soon/too much after giving birth to Shortie. When I went to the Dr, a diagnosis was easy, but was told "Nothing we can do to treat it. It'll sort itself in 12-18 months." That did not make me feel very good.

But, true to his diagnosis, about 13 months later I noticed, my feet didn't hurt so much. Two weeks later the pain was gone. Weirdest thing ever. I'm still nervous about wearing anything but sneakers.

Askinstoo said...
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Askinstoo said...
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