Friday, March 31, 2006

I went. I did an excellent job and I'm quite proud of myself. The wee one is exhausted and napping happily. She begged me to put her to bed; ain't that great! I did get soaked, and will need a very hot shower to shake the chill....and some chilli, or curry. Carrot free.

Laura Kinsale book #2 has arrived. Giddy!

I may not be around so much over the next two weeks, as it's school vacation. The Hubs is also taking the vacation, so say a prayer for me. I'm now counting down until Wednesday 19th of April. Nah, be positive Lyv - it's gonna be great!!
(please...where's the cake?!)


Nancy J. Bond said...

Kudos to you on your dedication! That's the way to make it work. :)

SafeTinspector said...

And.... good luck on the vacation.

Maja said...


I haven't been for a walk for nearly a week :( But I'm sure the running around Geezer and i have been doing the last few days has made up for it...

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