Monday, February 06, 2006


It's Monday!! The house is mine again, I get to roll about on the carpet and bask in the warmth of a few fleeting sunbeams, uninterupted - ahhhh!

And to share my good mood, I offer you this very funny link.

Happy Monday!!!

la da da dit dee dee daaaah!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stop it....stoooopp!!

I am being driven slowly mad by the voices in my head that will not stop singing the same line of different songs.

It. Must. Stop.

The other night it was "We might as well be strangers." by Keane where he sings "We might as well...we might as well....WE miGHTas WEEeeeeeeelllll......" over and fricking over; just that line. I was up because the wee one has a cold and needed two hourly comfort cuddles before dropping back off to sleep. So this song annoyed and soothed me for about two hours between midnight and two in the morning. Where I would be happily mind singing along and then punching the pillow shouting - in my head of course; didn't want to wake the Hubs - "Shut UP! Shut up!!"

Last night it was the same situation, except from two until four in the morning it was "Free Nelson Mandela" by The Specials, just the part where the ladies sing "FrEEEee Nel-son Man-DEL-la" over and over. By half three I was shouting "He's fucking free already...leave me alone!!" but no, the bitches wouldn't stop.

Until this morning, when walking home from the grocery store, I noticed I had been singing for the past two miles "Anchors Away" but, not the whole song, and not even the right words, just "Anchors away, me lads, anchors Away! la da da da deee dada..." Until the anchors away part came back again.

I thought mantras were supposed to bring peace..mine just piss me right off.

and don't just read this...if you haven't already, read yesterday's post too. I'm saving up for a freight helicopter, how about you?