Tuesday, January 31, 2006

...*grumble* a summary.

I had a great post all set to go, but killed it before it's prime like a dumbass. I'm not strapped for time so I'll summarize...it was a good one too, so demotivated now.

Weather: it's damned cold now!! We've finally dropped below freezing and I'm wearing two pairs of socks with slippers and a hat in my house. (That's Celsius freezing, not Fahrenheit: We are wusses!)

Interesting link for the traveler/gypsy/vagrants of the future who have saved money wisely and have a disposable income and freight helicopter at their disposal. You can now buy single living homes that only need a flat surface. Make yourself at home on top of any building within the city of your choice (Why not, they're chopping down all the forests - just frigging deal and join the 21st century all ready You can now be an Urban Jungle Environmental Campaigner!) Enjoy the 360 degree view and...here's the link, remember - strapped for time!!

Now, there's also this lovely item in today's newspaper that should be a big sign that someone in the label factory is really not happy in their job. Bosses, pay your staff some attention, customers Always read the label!!!

third thing...I found this hat one day lost in the street so I picked it up, washed it a few times, made sure it had no crawlies or anything and have made it my own. It's black with pink skulls and crossbones. I feel a wee bit guilty because out there somewhere, some girl will be feeling the cold today and will have no hat to keep her head warm. But really, am I expected to put up notices all over town saying "Found, one hat - describe and collect" or turn it in to the police? No way. I did that a few weeks ago with a mobile phone I'd found and no one called with a description and the police were ok about it - but told me firmly that I wouldn't get the phone back. Thanks, but I have one all my own. Am I and icky-meanie for keeping the hat?

lastly....I have been unfaithful. I've been seeing my other blog a lot more often lately and I'm very sorry. The content of the other blog is extremely boring - it's all bout diets, food and calorie counting and I just didn't want to bore you lot to death with it all. I hope you'll be able to forgive me. It's not you - you are great, it's me. I'm just not able to share that area of weakness with you. I know you'll say you'd be there for me too, just like my other blog friends are...now don't pout. Of course I would have other friends on my other blog, but that doesn't mean you aren't important to me too - You Are! Of course you are.

I know that's a big thing to take in, and I'll let you alone think it over. I'll be back before the weekend, I promise. No, I mean it - I will. Come on, now...don't sulk. It'll give you wrinkles. Ok, not in a laughing mood now. I am the official "Sucky friend". I'll see you later.

I love you...*kiss*


Don't you hate it when you have a huge post, all done, spellchecked and ready to go and you close the window without hitting "Publish Post".

Friday, January 20, 2006


Where was this before Christmas?? Why do some really cool things come out after present buying time is over. Can I get a do over? Can I swap the pair of blue jeans where the zipper falls down all the time for the super cool knife block? Please?

Oh come on. I mean, when I saw thisknifeblock I got really excited. But it was frowned upon by the Husband; as the only male in the household he thought it would send the wrong message to the kids. (one more thing to add my "If I was 20 and living alone" fantasy)

Yet, today, the Husband sent me this instead! knifeheadand isn't it gorgeous!?! I LOVE it. But, I'm sure this is just a tease. How can this be ok but the other one sends the wrong message? I don't care...if I find it on my counter one morning, I'll not be disappointed.

Sure, it's a bit grisly...but then I don't play shoot 'em ups, so there's balance there.

Just remember - Don't cook while angry.

***Oo Oo...a pal of mine sent this to me today! How well timed! It's a festival of Grisly, I say. Find the serial killer; I got 7 out of 10...how about you??

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I know I'm bad...

I've done it again...I forgot a birthday. I forgot a very important anniversary, just let it slip by without notice. Can you believe it? I'm awful and it is one of my worst habits - this fog of "everyday" that clouds special days. I missed the 1 year anniversary of my own blog! How could I do that? Well, on January 10th this blog became one year old; Awwwww....ain't it cute how it's grown up? Now I won't invite you to scan back to those first timid posts...they really were a bit crap, but I'm dead proud of myself for keeping this hobby up for a whole year! I've met some Super-Awesome folks and I'll be trucking along with it still.

Now...With Burns Night fast approaching on the 25th, I found this fun site that invites you to "Find The Haggis!" for some fun prizes. Several live cams all over Scotland, UK and even in N.Y (???) and you could win some lovely scotch malt whiskey. Yum!
Follow Me and See if you can find the Haggis! You'll probably have to register...But it's not a spamming site, it's from the local newspaper and they're pretty good folks.

Otherwise, well...so it goes. Life is full of casseroles, chores and writing. A temper tantrum here and there for sparkle and excitement but it's the doldrums of January. I'm looking forward to Spring now, and the first signs are already about, with bulbs throwing up green shoots and a few eager trees popping buds. Some winter bloomers are full of flowers -don't ask me what they are, I have no clue...maybe I'll take a pic and you lot tell me?- So things are turning around.

On a quick point....I've been getting some really dirty cartoon pictures in Spam e-mails lately..is that the new norm?? It used to just be dirty, misspelled text, but this one featured a Disney character doing norty things with some products for sale and nothing else, no text at all. Very weird. Not even a good advertisement as the girl didn't seem to be enjoying any of it.

Oh, and can I tell you all how much I love LOVE my new
Keane (go to the music tab and you'll be able to hear a single. Not bad for three guys, eh?) and The Magic Numbers (Same again, click to listen to music samples) CDs?! Of course I fucking can, It's my blog. I tell ya, if you have any kind of taste musically, you'll love them both!!! The fact that they're real music, real talent and not just a compilation of grunts and samples from someone else's hard work makes it worth full attention and appreciation, because let's be honest - there's way too much shit on the charts these days. I'm sick to fucking death of karaoke copycats and new lyrics to old music...it's smacks of unimaginative get rich quick bollocks and I'll not put my hard earned cash out for it. But something fresh, real and with a soul played on real instruments and I'll pay anything. And don't even get me started on the "Pop Idol" "X-Factor" tripe and shit flooding the markets. Anyone paying money for that crap may as sign up for a complimentary lobotomy while their at it.

So, there ya go.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Conversations with my 1.5 year old.

While watching "Come and Play" the nice elderly lady tells us all about hedgehogs...

Short-Stack: "Wass dat?"

Me: "That's a hedge-hog."

SS: "Chicken"

Me: "No, a hedge hog. HHedge HHog"

SS: "Chiiiken"

Me: laughing "No, honey. It's a Hedge hog. Heeeeedge HoooooG"

SS: "Chiiiiii Ken"

Me: "Ok, you win. It's a chicken."

SS: "Oink Oink."

I think she's trying to convince me it's a chicken, like I'm a silly Mommy for calling it a hedgehog. So, we're having hedge hog for dinner tonight. Southern Fried.

Have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ok, here's some pictures!

Some pictures of the very happy Sassy-Face with her new Star Wars toys...


And some vanity shots of me...I'm concerned about the hair growing in my nose, time to tweeze?


Blair Witch AARRgggggHHhhhhhHHhh!! Haha...I breathed on the lens...


It's just one of those days. I saw an eight year old girl rollerblading alone down the sidewalk, with no coat on in the cold of Winter, talking on a very pink but real mobile phone. What the fuck was that about??

Anyways...Pete Burns. Yeah, he's freaky! He's got a gorilla skin coat that's pissing off some of the animal rights folks in the Big Brother house, and then there's just...those lips. I know it's the result of an allergic reaction to the collagen he had injected in there, but...eryug! I'm also pretty sure he's been botoxed quite a lot too; how many 46 year old men are that wrinkle free??? Or, women for that matter...but men are supposed to age better *bollocks*. I can't get his song out of my head..."You spin me right round, baby, right round. Like a record baby, right round round round." God I miss the 80's.


Monday, January 09, 2006


I seem to have blogger writer's block. I haven't a clue what to write here these days. I have nothing of interest to share. The stories around me are pretty banal. I'm quite amused by Celebrity Big Brother at the moment Does any other country do this? Put a bunch of A and E list celebs (that's not to be read like "accident and emergency, ok) in a house together for three weeks and watch the egos percolate? I'm addicted, and I'm not even a celeb crazy sort. I can tell you about 3 instances I've had conversations with famous people and never even knew who they were...I'm fairly hopeless. I'd easily be the most unpopular person in LA if I was ever cursed to live there. So far, Dennis Rodman is my favourite. He seems to have a very straightforward way of looking at life and fame. He's pretty stongwilled; where others are reduced to tears already talking about "It's so hard to be MEEeeeeee...wah." he just shrugs, tells them to get the fuck over it and walks off...moaning about how he really needs to get laid "Three weeks with no sex, it's going to kill me. Impossible." Seems we all have our demons...*moan* where's all the chocolate gone?

In good news though, I've not got writer's block in my actual writing. I'm well into a Mother/Daughter teenage comedy, and also writing a fun game program with the Hubs. That's been a lot of fun, just writing out puzzles, and maps and mixing up storylines from a few of my favourite genres, including Zork. You know Zork don't you...SafT will know Zork, I'm sure. It was one of the original text-based adventures written in the 1980's, by a company called Infocom. You can download the games for free now here and being text based, they're only small files, although they were pretty expensive when my brother bought them for his Commodore 64...on floppy disc...the big ones. I remember my brother had made some amazing maps of the mazes and dungeons, that was half of the fun of these games, but a few years ago (okay maybe 10) Hubs and I bought the Infocom Treasury (which after a long search I can't find anywhere on the internet...so maybe worth a fortune?)(No no, just need to search under the right phrases, dumbass. Here it is! and there's a II version...gonna have to get that...) which included all of their games, maps and books of back story and history. If you decide to play cork, and I highly recommend you do, my only piece of advice is: Take the bird!! That's all I'll say. Try a game that didn't rely on sound cards, graphics cards and a team of programmers to make the story came alive; all you'll need is your imagination.

I really enjoy rediscovering these games every few years, once I've forgotten about them. Anyways, that's what's been going on with me. Sassy-Face goes back to school tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to getting the house back to semi-quiet. It'll be nice to be able to clean without feeling guilty for walking back and forth in front of the TV all day.

What's up with you?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

And raise your glass, all is renewed! We get a clean slate, who needs confession when there's a new year! We get to begin again with our new hopes, new aspirations and new diets...no, correction; health choices.

Yes, I've got resolutions, but I'm not going to bore you folks with them. I got a journal and pen for Christmas, I'll bore myself with the snore worthy babble. This is however, a large turning point for me. This is a very special and particularly important New Year's Day. Today is my birthday; of course it's been my birthday for many years, but this is a different one: I'm 34 years old today.

That may not seem special to you folks, not a particular year of note and really it should just be another birthday. But this one marks my progression into Adulthood. It kind of sucks really, and it's possible it's just a year I made important as a kid because my Mom was 34 years old when she gave birth to me. That's life coming full circle isn't it? I mean, I'm lucky I got to be a brat for as long as I have. Imagine the disappointment of those kids who born to teenagers! They had to grow up so much sooner than I've had to, I've had the luxury of extended youth...that's my take on it anyways.

The scary bit is, my Dad was diagnosed with diabetes at 34. I really don't want diabetes, but now it's all I worry about. Such a pain. It's a twisted inheritance, not the diabetes, but the superstition. My Dad was awful for noting coincidences and following superstitions, even if he wouldn't talk about it with us kids, he did talk to it with my Mom; who during my teens was a well of information due to borderline alcoholism. She told me lots of things about my Dad, a lot of it as venting frustration about their relationship that she now doesn't even remember telling me about. It wasn't my place to know that stuff, and she couldn't figure out why I hated my Dad so much when I was teenager. I don't now of course, hate him that is, we made amends before he died. But here I am being superstitious in the same way he was. Let me explain...

I was born on my paternal Grandfather's birthday. My Dad got to phone him and tell him, I was his special birthday gift, and he was really excited about it. He had a heart attack and died later that day, it was his 56th birthday. This kind of haunted my Dad all his days, and we never had the closest relationship when I was a kid; I think he always looked at me with happiness and sadness and he couldn't separate the two emotions. I always thought it was unfair; not like I killed the man or anything, and he denied he felt that way...until New Year's Eve of his 56th birthday...when he had his first heart attack.

I woke up that morning expecting to be taken out to breakfast and later the mall for presents. I'd slept in a bit, and at 9:30 and went downstairs to find the house was empty. I was bullshit! They'd left for breakfast without me! I'd fumed for a few minutes before noticing the answering machine was blinking and it had three messages telling me about Dad's heart attack, what hospital they were at and directions how to get there.

When I got there he didn't want to see me, he'd demanded the calendar be removed from the wall so he wouldn't see the date. He'd panicked himself into a heart attack. He was being depressed and slightly hysterical, and my sister, my mother, and myself were in the lobby; laughing at him. What a nerd. It's how we dealt with out fear at the time, but it was a mild heart attack and the doctors had said he'd be fine with treatment. What a horrible way to find out your own father was frightened of you.

It was the beginning of the change in our relationship; I think he felt so guilty about that, that he made an effort to be in my life more, even though I was 18 and becoming very independent. Little by little his temper softened, he laughed a bit more and became something of a thinker - he had deep thoughts. I even saw him read a book once! That may not seem like much, but when you've never seen your Dad do much other than lay on the sofa watching the news, seeing him read a book was a big deal! Especially since my Mom was such a fanatic reader that she used her books as a shield to keep him away from her.

And here I am, being superstitious. Thinking I've reached middle age this morning. It's ridiculous of course, I know this and yet I've been thinking of it, to only myself - not exactly information you share with others; even your partner in life. But I'm sure it'll blow over in a few days, I'm sure like all other normal people I'll forget my resolutions when the decorations come down we settle back into our routines and our hand gets used to writing 2006.

I'm still going to give up sugar. I think, all things considered, it's a smart move. OH, the hubs bought me a Gameboy Advance and Legend of Zelda; a Link to the Past to play! how cool is that?! Middle aged, Pah! I also got the Keane CD, which is awesome - go buy it!! I may sweet talk the hubs into buying chinese food for dinner so I don't have to do dishes...

Happy New Year My Friends!!