Tuesday, December 13, 2005

As it goes...

Life is meandering along. Sassy-face has gone backwards into being a pain again. The kid only has two speeds; slow and stop. A half an hour to eat a bowl of rice crispies!! I was popping an aneurism, seriously. She just knows that lack of efficiency drives me insane, so she finds ways of being so circuitous!!

I've got my grocery shopping ordered for X-mas dinner, and it'll be here bright and early on the 22nd. My Mother-in-law is having a large gang sleep over at hers on X-mas eve and I took pity on her, can you imagine cooking two X-mas meals?? Hell. So I volunteered to make a huge lasagna for her and I'll make a large apple pie too; it'll be done in an hour, so no big deal.

For our X-mas meal I'm going to cook poussin (how cute to have one's own little bird on the plate!), roast potatoes (frozen ready made), stuffing balls, carrots, peas and brussels sprouts with chestnuts. Brussels sprouts in a X-mas must have veg, and I don't know why. We don't eat them any other time of the year because we hate them, but to not have them is a crime, or something and I must prepare them and choke them down. It's fucking tradition, dontchaknow!

I've had some excellent feedback on one of my short stories, and I've put it forward to a competition. Fingers crossed I'll win.


We watched a biography of Stuart Sutcliffe last night on TV. It was excellent! He was an original member of the Beatles who left the band just before they became super famous. He was a painter and photographer who fell in love with a German woman, Astrid, and went back to art college in Germany. He was so, incredibly, handsome! He could've made a living off his looks if the band never worked out - such a beautiful man. There had been rumours about he and John Lennon having an intimate relationship, but others say they were just the closest of friends. All kinds of gossip surround his death. The most shocking one, was that Stuart and John had had a row one night that came to blows, and john had kicked and punched Stuart in the head, but they soon forgave each other and the whole incident was never talked about again.

For a long time, Stuart had a brain hemorrhage that bled slowly, causing terrible pain and illness, but Doctors never could find out what was wrong with him. They even said it was "Artist's mentality", but it took the better part of a year to kill him. The rumours started that John had caused the injury during that fight. How horrible! I felt such pity for John Lennon (a guy I'd never been too interested in because he was a bit of a bore..In my opinion, don't hate me for saying it. I liked everyone else in the band so much better) can you imagine the guilt, and pain he must have lived with, always wondering if he had killed his best friend. He evidently had a mini-break down when he found out Stuart had died.

I felt so awful for him I started to cry. I never cry at TV shows...Okay that a lie (Anyone remember that church of JC and latter day saints where the old man is lonely and the wee kids bring him a pizza? I cried every time I saw it...damn latter day saints), I usually do, but I hate it. What a big puss I am, I mean both of them have been dead for years ! But, my emotions were already a bit raw because I was ignoring the fact yesterday was the five year anniversary of my Dad passing away. I was trying to make believe it didn't bother me anymore, I'd accepted it but I haven't. It still makes me cry to not have him see his grandchildren, or me. He was a nice guy, especially after a couple heart attacks softened his rough edges. Nothing makes you appreciate the important things in life like a stay in the cardiac care unit!

I'll be the same again I'm sure on the 22nd, Dad's birthday, but at least I'll have a huge lasagna and huge apple pie to bake to take my mind off it.


tornwordo said...

That was nice to have you back. All the food and family sounds cozy and nice, the hecticness is just part of it all. And don't put any limits on grieving, it's natural and part of the miraculousness of being human. (Of course it's easy for me to say that, since mine are still alive.)

I'm sending good cheer and warm tidings.

Gerbera Daisy said...

Hi Lyvvie~
I am very happy to have you back!!! Sorry Sassy is driving you nuts. That's what God gave us kids for. LOL!!!

Thanks for the story of Stuart. I knew there was a member of the band, named Stuart before they became famous, but I did not know of these details. As you may or may not know, I am a HUGE Beatles fan. I liked John Lennon. I think I liked him more before he got involved with Yoko Ono. I can't imagine the guilt he must have felt learning about his friend.

My thoughts are with you at this anniversary of your father's death.

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Amber said...

welll the food sounds yummy. I know what you mean about missing your Dad tho. Mine passed New Years Eve almost 20 years ago, and still it makes the holidays a not so fun time of year. At least you have people to spend it with, I'll be at work :)

NWJR said...

I love the word "circuitous". It rolls off the tongue so sweetly.




I'm going to have to work that into casual conversation today.

(That was a circuitous way of saying I love the post)

M.M. said...


Enjoyed reading your blog.
Will be adding it to my favourites list. ;-)

M.M. said...
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Sylvana said...

My son was a dawdiler at that age too. I think he was doing it to have power over people. He's gotten better now.

Sorry to hear about your dad. Even though I don't always get along with mine, I know that I would miss him dearly.

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