Tuesday, December 27, 2005


We all had a lovely day, and I hope you folks did too. Sassy hasn't been feeling well, the poor thing. She woke up at about 6am on X-mas morning and then realized no one else was up and began to cry, meekly, mewling like a kitten in her bed...really, the Academy should be informed. She managed to wake up her sister and they both had some words back and forth;

Short-Stack: Mornieee hiyahiyahiyahiya! Ablabble boo. Five!

Sassy: Quiet Shortie, I'm sleeping.

Shortie: Blababa! ungh ba to DaDEE!

Sassy: Shhhhhh!

And so that went until the phrase "shut up!" was uttered and Shortie began to cry. "Making your sister cry on X-mas morning is naughty!" to which Shortie echoed "Nawtee!" but all forgotten when they went down to open presents. This year we went for quality, not quantity. We got them a few really nice presents and it went over very well. They played for about an hour before Sassy wandered upstairs and didn't come back...she went back to her bed! Poor thing. I made some bacon rolls for breakfast and got going on the turkey while Hubs kept Shortie busy. (so no pictures at this time...but I'll get some soon I promise. Sassy won't perform)

I don't think I'll bother with a turkey meal again. It's such a pain, and I don't even like turkey all that much. I'd ordered groceries delivered on the 22nd to give the bird time to thaw, but they didn't have anymore of the size I'd requested and sent me a bigger one instead...for three people (I'm honest, the girls would eat enough to make up one normal appetite.) so excesses already began. I followed this recipe and it came out really nice, I had rosemary growing like mad in the garden so I had to tiptoe through the frost barefoot; ok I could've put on shoes but thought I'd tough it out...until my wet, cold feet slipped on the kitchen floor and I nearly did the splits. But lunch went very well...even if Sassy was too ill to eat. We've got lots leftover. I'm looking up turkey recipes...Tonight will be a korma.

We went over to the in-laws house around 2pm, Sassy said she wanted to go so we let her. We stayed for a very busy, chattery, noisy two hours that by the end of *I* was exhausted. The only downer was when I went to make coffees for everyone and was set upon by the wicked sisters-in-law (they are both about five feet tall and the same wide, they are obese, grotesque and a caricature of wicked step-sisters) who were already in full combat mode of "Mom loves ME more!" and I managed to click the button on the kettle before they barged about wanting to help and rattled plates, cups and sntaching tins of cookies out of each other's hands, and then I left them to it...I know to keep out of it. A few minutes later they were arguing away when MIL came in asking where the coffees were as I was supposed to be making them...they made a couple snide remarks about me, which I heard as I was standing nearby; I laughed and went and told Hubs what happened.

When my MIL (who has been wonderful to me lately...but as is my flaw, I'm always waiting for the tide to turn) came through with the coffees, I apologized and explained...she understood, rolled her eyes at the bickering still going on in the kitchen and offered me cake.

Sassy didn't last long, so we were home by 5pm, small dinner, bathtimes and got Shortie off to bed. She was exhausted - her first real X-mas and it must have been a whirr of ripping paper, bright lights, presents, toys and food; Shortie tole me she wanted to go to bed "Nini *wave* bye dadee nini..." I stayed up with Sassy and we watched the new episode of Dr. Who with David Tennant, and he did an excellent job, I'm excited to see the rest of this series as the last one with Chris Eccleston was really good too. I had been dubious about Billie Piper, but she's proven herself capable.

Now...the weird thing. The past two nights, I've been having really vivid dreams about an old boyfriend. I don't know why, but this guy comes back in my dreams. He usually represents my anxieties, as in the dreams I'm feeling insecure in some way that forces me to put up bravado or lie. I feel I need to prove my life is fine without him, but in my dreams I betray myself by lying to achieve that. So for 11 years, that's been my occasional nightly torture...seeing him and thinking I've not gotten very far in my life since we split. Why is he a benchmark..well that's just too intimate to share with you folks and a girl has to keep some secrets.

So the other night the dream was me going back home, and the dreams are always a picking-up-where-we-left-off type where I'm in my old house, I'm still 20 years old, or if I am my current self, I'm transported back in time. And we were in Boston, raining awful night and he wants me to stay in with him, and I'm trying desperately to talk him into going out because there's no way I want to be alone with him - I don't trust myself. I had a friend with me (I don't know who, generic dream person of non-importance) but she bowed out and left us alone; the bitch. He talks me into staying, and he shows me this amazing bathroom with huge walk in shower and massaging water jets, and a bench; it was my dream bathroom (a lot of my dreams take place around the bathroom...wonder what that means?) things happen and I'm consumed with guilt. (He could always talk me into things I didn't want to do, nothing "dirty", but I had no will of my own with this man, and I found that quite exciting - which makes me feel guilt. Double edged sword?). Felt awful all day yesterday. In reality, I can say no to anyone, I have no fear of another's disappointment and it's quite difficult to manipulate me, but those were hard lessons learned.

Last night, he came back into my dreams. I was at my house, it had to be as it was in the early 80's as the bathroom was avacado green, (see, bathrooms again!) He was with me and the generic, faceless friend, trying to get us to hurry up so we could drive into the city. I was wanting to go, and just nervous that I was pretty enough, dressed alright ect, girl stuff, when I heard him loading up the car. He came in and used the toilet, and I really needed to go, but he got there first so I had to wait. My friend was flitting about and I was making sure I had everything I needed before we left. He came out of the bathroom smiling and I hurried in after him and shut the door.

When I turned to sit on the toilet, I gasped! He hadn't flushed the toilet and in there was the largest poop I'd ever seen, it was enormous. It peaked out over the top of the water and was almost level with the rim of the seat - I couldn't have sat without it touching me, which means he must have hovered to finish it off. I kept staring at it...it was full of rice, cranberries and; as I write this I think it's a Christmas dinner but California health food style *shakes head* anyways, I though about hovering over it and peeing, but I don't hover; yet if I flush it first, I may end up clogging the toilet until it overflows and having to clean up his shit which I was not about to do either. I just opened the door and left. He was bellowing outside for us to hurry up, I bumped into my friend and told her about the poop and we laughed!

I woke up feeling much better. Nothing makes you see someone as the human being they are like seeing their poop stopping up a toilet. He was just a man who was full of shit, and this dream showed me that. Thank you subconscious mind!!

Hope you weren't eating while reading that.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I Dunno...Anyone??

My brother would like to know...

"So....there's a lead up to the question/request....I'm looking for the correct lattitude.
If one goes far enough North, after the first day of Summer, the days start to get shorter, and the arch of the sun through the sky gets shallower in each day. As we approach the first day of Winter, the arch gets very close the horizon, the days get very short, and..again if one is far enough North, there is a day when the arch of the sun does not break the horizon. I am looking for the lattitude where this occurs on or about the first day of Winter. If one goes too far North, I expect that this event occurs earlier than that. I'm searching the web at this moment, but not finding anything. I may send an e-mail to "ask an astronomer, or geographer, perhaps a sailor (seaman)"
Any ideas?
Lyvvie's Brother

Well...anyone got any ideas??

Remember the 21st is the shortest day of the year for we norther hemispere sorts. You lucky atipodeans have the longest day. so just think about it, we can now look forward to each day growing slightly brighter, unless you live in down under, where you'll soon be losing light and disappear into darkenss. I'm not jealous.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Our newest family member has finally arrived safe and sound all the way from Vancouver!! She came with immigration papers that were a wee bit worrying, but I think her new life in a calm family environment (yeah right!) will do wonders to curb her wild side. I can only imagine the dark past she she keeps close to her chest (along with "Two bullet wounds, one slug remaining in upper thorax that may have become electromagnetic in processing" so she's not allowed anywhere near the computer.) We will offer all the love and affection our family has to offer.

You can she was very happy to meet Short-Stack, and SS was over the moon about a new play mate!
But the game got a little to rough...and tears were shed on both sides. They did hugs and make friends later.

We've named our monkey Ramona Borghese Chomp-Bouttom Monquee, or Mona for short. *shrug* She looks like a Ramona to us. She was very happy to help put our Christmas tree up, and the rest of the decorations too.
pict1094 />

Sassy is completely besotted with her and has covered her with kisses, cuddles and whispered secrets into her eager ears for hours!! Sassy even wanted to take her to bed with her, but I thought Mona should be allowed to wander free in the house (We hid the knives and locked the liquor cabinet.) so she could feel as comfortable as possible. She seems really interested with peeping into the windows of our neighbors and the stars in the sky.

We'll be taking her around for a tour of the area and will, of course, post more pictures!!

Have a nice weekend everyone

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

As it goes...

Life is meandering along. Sassy-face has gone backwards into being a pain again. The kid only has two speeds; slow and stop. A half an hour to eat a bowl of rice crispies!! I was popping an aneurism, seriously. She just knows that lack of efficiency drives me insane, so she finds ways of being so circuitous!!

I've got my grocery shopping ordered for X-mas dinner, and it'll be here bright and early on the 22nd. My Mother-in-law is having a large gang sleep over at hers on X-mas eve and I took pity on her, can you imagine cooking two X-mas meals?? Hell. So I volunteered to make a huge lasagna for her and I'll make a large apple pie too; it'll be done in an hour, so no big deal.

For our X-mas meal I'm going to cook poussin (how cute to have one's own little bird on the plate!), roast potatoes (frozen ready made), stuffing balls, carrots, peas and brussels sprouts with chestnuts. Brussels sprouts in a X-mas must have veg, and I don't know why. We don't eat them any other time of the year because we hate them, but to not have them is a crime, or something and I must prepare them and choke them down. It's fucking tradition, dontchaknow!

I've had some excellent feedback on one of my short stories, and I've put it forward to a competition. Fingers crossed I'll win.


We watched a biography of Stuart Sutcliffe last night on TV. It was excellent! He was an original member of the Beatles who left the band just before they became super famous. He was a painter and photographer who fell in love with a German woman, Astrid, and went back to art college in Germany. He was so, incredibly, handsome! He could've made a living off his looks if the band never worked out - such a beautiful man. There had been rumours about he and John Lennon having an intimate relationship, but others say they were just the closest of friends. All kinds of gossip surround his death. The most shocking one, was that Stuart and John had had a row one night that came to blows, and john had kicked and punched Stuart in the head, but they soon forgave each other and the whole incident was never talked about again.

For a long time, Stuart had a brain hemorrhage that bled slowly, causing terrible pain and illness, but Doctors never could find out what was wrong with him. They even said it was "Artist's mentality", but it took the better part of a year to kill him. The rumours started that John had caused the injury during that fight. How horrible! I felt such pity for John Lennon (a guy I'd never been too interested in because he was a bit of a bore..In my opinion, don't hate me for saying it. I liked everyone else in the band so much better) can you imagine the guilt, and pain he must have lived with, always wondering if he had killed his best friend. He evidently had a mini-break down when he found out Stuart had died.

I felt so awful for him I started to cry. I never cry at TV shows...Okay that a lie (Anyone remember that church of JC and latter day saints where the old man is lonely and the wee kids bring him a pizza? I cried every time I saw it...damn latter day saints), I usually do, but I hate it. What a big puss I am, I mean both of them have been dead for years ! But, my emotions were already a bit raw because I was ignoring the fact yesterday was the five year anniversary of my Dad passing away. I was trying to make believe it didn't bother me anymore, I'd accepted it but I haven't. It still makes me cry to not have him see his grandchildren, or me. He was a nice guy, especially after a couple heart attacks softened his rough edges. Nothing makes you appreciate the important things in life like a stay in the cardiac care unit!

I'll be the same again I'm sure on the 22nd, Dad's birthday, but at least I'll have a huge lasagna and huge apple pie to bake to take my mind off it.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Life is good.

Sorry for the quiet, but things are going well. Predictable, dull and trouble free. I've got nothing much to say these days. The kids are being really well behaved (Sassy just earned her 25 meter swimming badge) and I spend a lot of my time reading or curled up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea. I dance with Short-Stack and build towers with blocks, I cook vegan recipes to see what she likes. I write the occasional short story, help Sassy with her homework and do my chores. I practice writing Japanese characters on the refrigerator but I have no real clue what they mean; I hope one day I'll figure it out. It's like when a kid learns the Alphabet song - it's just a bunch of sounds put to a tune but one day you figure out those sounds mean something more. One day it'll make sense and when it does, I'll be annoying every Japanese tourist I happen by.

Christmas is bought and just needs wrapped, but still waiting to decorate the house. I'm going to buy a dinky-wee tree for putting on the table and not bother with a huge tree. Sew a couple ornaments with Sassy, maybe bake some cookies. Life will be good.

I did go and see the Dr. about the blahs, just in case it was thyroid thing or something else. He said I had sub-syndromal Seasonal Affective Disorder. I asked him if really, there was nothing wrong with me but he just wanted to slap a label on me so I'd feel better. He just smiled. I'm not depressed, I keep telling folks this. Why is it if you're not jumping around jolly and spry you may be depressed. I'm content, if a bit lazy but that runs in my family. I told the Dr. I disagreed with him, thanked him for his time and the tests and left.

I really find the need for people to have "something" annoying. As if you are a nobody unless you have some ailment. Do we all know someone who has a string of ills that they must inform us (and undoubtedly everyone else they come in contact with) about in a begging for pity manner? I have a sister in law who has for many years, come up with a new ailment every year ranging from cystitis, depression, backache, circulation trouble blah blah blah when in reality she's just fat and incredibly, unbearably fucking lazy. She gathers dust with her immobility. She's also the sort to create elaborate lies so you feel pity for her "Awwww...poor wee thing, she has it so tough." Poop. She's just a nut and she chooses to live in poverty because she's too lazy to get a job. Anyways, that's a rant for another day...It's just I had to spend time with the fat cow over the weekend and she has a lasting black fog effect, and I'll have to see her again in a couple weeks' time. I'm hoping she'll call it off and claim her kids are sick (They are always "sick" but again, she gets so much attention for it I don't think those kids are as sick as she claims. They are always rosy, bouncy and proper rowdy herberts.) It's the type of bullshit I can't tolerate, because there are people out there who really do have illness and still live an exciting life, or have kids who are struggling but still fight for happiness...and there she is, the tart, lying about it for sympathy and a pat on the head. Makes me...well was going to say sick but...

Anyways, *I* am not sick. I am quite warm and fuzzy. Everyone here is glowing with health and life and we are all full of love, and excitement for the holidays coming our way. I pray you are all the same.

Life is good.