Thursday, November 17, 2005

Unbearable Blahs.

Yep, still got them. Don't care either. I'm just doing my thing, getting the job done and sitting back and relaxing. The blahs have such a calming effect, because I can't be bothered to get all het up about anything.

I'm enjoying this as a thinking phase; I'm thinking about stuff. I'm talking a lot in my head, and wondering a lot of "what if" scenarios. It's mildly entertaining.

Last night was a brilliant, cold and clear night; the stars were amazing! We could see Mars and Capella (my favourite star ever; it's so twinkling! Capella means "she-goat" which suits me as a Capricorn) and so much, but I began to curse the streetlights, we are abused by them in my neck of the world. There is a brilliant orange streetlight less than every 100 feet. The light pollution is astonishing. I was begging for a power cut, which just about never happens. I began thinking about how much money it costs to run one these streetlights. It must be a staggering sum. What would happen if the council (local government) turned off every other streetlight? I don't think it would compromise road safety in any way, I mean, cars do have headlights. What about the visibility of pedestrians and their safety? Well, how much would it cost to issue reflective tape to every home, or to give every household one of these flashlights that use no batteries but run off a hand crank. How much money would that save? Hell issue two to every household, but really; smart people don't walk in the dark alone...not unless they have a big vicious dog or something equally protective.

So I was thinking of calling up the council to be a pest about this...but have the blahs so will just think about for now.

Yesterday Sassy's school had a special dress-up day for the school for charity, where they were to dress like what they wanted to be when they grew up. Those who chose to dress up were to bring a small donation to the Earthquake fund. We talked about it for a few days, what would Sassy like to be when she grew up. Some of the jobs were; Spiderman, Sea Dragon, student and a skeleton. I said a definite no to the skeleton because I thought it was a bad omen to announce would grow to be a dead person. Sassy has a real love for China and she has a satin Manadrin styled top with silk flowers embroidered on it (a gift from her soppy sweet Daddy) I said she could wear that and tell her teacher she was an Ambassador to China. I explained the job and she thought it was the best job she'd ever of.

So, she was the Ambassador yesterday. She was a little disappointed to see other kids came to school with Halloween costumes on; lots of spidermen, batmen and a couple Darth Vaders. Even a few kids came to school in their pajamas; I mean, what the hell are they saying they're going to be when they grow up?! (Hubs answered a Housewife and got a couple bruises for his Sass) I told her that they had parents with little imagination and were too dim to follow the rules. I'm such a narc about such things, I mean if I'm going to go full putting all this effort, even with the Blahs, then surely they can too...(I'm going to be a dark lord of the universe and murder millions for my master) Darth Vader indeed.

Short Stack is suffering with a very annoying bout of brattiness. She's having temper tantrums all the time. During the day I can manage, she's easy to distract with something shiny, but nighttime she's killing me. She keeps waking up around midnight and wants to play, and gets her knickers in a twist when I insist on her going back to sleep. Last night was two hours of sad whinnying and snot-drooling on her pillow. She lays there, pacifier in mouth, clutching soft doggy toy, warm under her blankets and when she begins to nod off "Whiiiiiinnn....Whhiiiinnnnnnnn..." At a pitch that makes your ears ring. I had to get out of my warm bed, let Sassy take my spot so she could sleep and then I was on the computer playing a Harry Potter MUD doing the "Controlled Crying" routine. Fucking sucks donkey balls: I want my sleep. And, the thing that really bugs me is she loves to have her nap and never cries about being put to bed at night, often she decides it's bedtime and climbs up the stairs herself saying "Nigh-nigh" to everyone. She'll wake up in the morning all happy in her bed and play or sing to herself, but this middle of the night problem has bothered us since...always. I mean, of course as a wee baby it was accepted, but by six months old I expected her to sleep through the night. I stopped breast feeding to encourage her to sleep better; she was ten months old and eating plenty to satisfy her hunger during the day. She's got a comfort suck pattern that she wouldn't outgrow.

At 18 months, it's getting damn annoying, and she's almost ready to move into a bed, what am I going to do with a late night waker who has some freedom to wander??

So...blah. Sleep deprived Mom seeks coffee and cake. I can't even be bothered to do a HNT pic today; besides, I ran out of duct tape so my idea won't work.

In case I don't have the energy to post tomorrow...have a nice weekend everyone. *Wave*

***(12:30) I may dye my hair red again...haven't decided.

***(12:56) Do they have a name for when your hand goes cold from clutching the computer mouse too long? My right hand is now a frozen claw.


Kim said...

Oh Lyvvie! Hope you get some sleep soon, Moms need their rest!

Hey, the red was fabulous on you...

Blazngfyre said...

Is THAT my future????
Poot consistantly wakes up around midnight .... EVERY freakin night!
Not wanting anything, just awake.

Can you say ANNOYING????

Binsk said...

HNT next week? I'll check back. :)

Feel better my dear. I know the blahs all too well.

Gerbera Daisy said...

Hope you can get some much needed sleep. Maybe when the baby goes down for her nap, you can nap as well.

NWJR said...

When I grow up I wanna be a suntan oil application specialist for hot swimsuit models.

Hey, you gotta have a goal...

Maja said...

Hmm, the blahs don't sound bad at all! Relaxing and not really worrying too much.

I love star gazing. I'm really lucky up here at work, I can see so many stars here than in Perth. The entire milky way just looks spectacular some nights!

I'm having a coffee right now, and it's wonderful. But I'm having a cake and dessert free 2 weeks at the moment. JJ's given up smoking, I've given up cakeS!

Weary Hag said...

Oh you poor thing, Lyvvie. I really hope this pattern stops soon so you can get your needed rest. Hugs to you.

Hey, I seriously thought I was the ONLY person on earth whose right hand goes cold and numb from clutching the mouse too long. Especially if I sit and play one of those no-brainer games on here. I can sometimes get caught up doing that for an hour at a clip.

Now I don't feel so anxious about it. I thought I had some god-awful disease or something!
haha ... misery does love company, doesn't it?

Susie Sunshine said...

What sort of child wants to be bitten by a radioactive spider and turn into Spiderman when they grow up?! This is SCHOOL not Halloween, I think the assignment might be requesting REAL CAREER OPTIONS and not imaginary superheros.

Ambassador to China is BRILLIANT AND A REAL JOB!

My mouse hand is constantly cold, but so are my feet and my nose. Winter sucks.

SafeTinspector said...

Go ahead with the hair color.
That last thing is a cramp.

Temper tantrums:my daughter slept well at that age. At four the big thing is dealing with her attempting to trick you into staying in her room.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Sorry to read about your case of the blahs. HNT posts are very therapeutic.

Innocent Bystander said...

One of the biggest problems of London is that you can't see the stars... nothing better when you leave the city and see loads of stars!

Blahs are just the ad breaks that split up the fun... will be over soon... make yourself a cup of tea or get someone to make a fuss of you. :-)

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Had to skim this post only b/c short on time. Love the name "shortstack" for your child. :)
ALso, the duct tape idea for HNT: LOL! I remember those sleep-deprived days. Mine are teens now. I still lose sleep when one is out driving.... aaaaaaach! Get rest soon, hun.

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