Monday, November 14, 2005

Queen of Blah.

I'm not feeling very inspired these days, I may used up my monthly quota on the picture. I don't even want to pay attention to people, television, radio or (Lord help me) my family. But they intrude and I comply. The house needs cleaned and I think "Blah", the kids want to play and I think "Blah", I feel hungry and think "Blah" I have the Blahs.

I do still have my sense of humor. While just this morning, Sassy-Face woke up bright as a spark and full of a good mood, which makes a change. I asked her what she wanted for breakfast...

Sassy: Pizza!

I say nothing and walk into the kitchen. She stays in the other room and shouts at me through the wall.

Sassy: Pizza! I'm having Pizza for breakafast. Pizza, Pizza Pizza (Now does the pizza dance)

I say nothing and put two slices of bread in the toaster.

Sassy: Everyone should have Pizza for breakafast, it's very good for muscles, and we Sea Dragon need muscles.

The toast pops and I put butter on them both, strawberry jam on one, peanut butter on the other, put them on a plate and put them in front of her while she sits at the table.

Sassy (Making a very practiced/fake surprise face) Dis is not a Pizza.

Me: Yes it is.

Sassy: Is not.

Me: Yes it is. It's a breakfast pizza. crispy base, butter sauce and jam and peanut butter topping.

Sassy: Dis is not a Pizza. Dis (She picks up the two slices of toast and squishes them together) is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Thanks Mum!

Is it wrong to give a kid a PB&J for breakfast? I mean as two slices of toast it didn't seem so bad, but I now feel like a neglectful mother for giving her a toasted PB&J to start her morning. *shrug* Blah.

I also have a blue-bottle fly in the house...why aren't these things dead yet? It's cold, they should all have expired. We had a wasp in the house on Saturday..I mean really, they definitely should all have died in their paper nests by now. I figured the fly would go out a window or something but by bedtime, there he was, cleaning himself on the television while we watched The 10th Kingdom on DVD. I tried to swat it, but lost interest after a while. I did manage to lock it in the kitchen so we could watch the rest of the DVD.

I made the Hubs lunch for work, homemade soup and some snacks, and I then ladled the rest of the soup (ham, lentil and veg) into a container for the frige. At bedtime I had a thought; and don't you hate it when just as you cozy warm under the blankets some thoughts rudely intrude; I thought "I hope the fly didn't land in that pot of soup. I hope I didn't put that fly into the thermos for Hub's lunch or the container for the frige..." nothing to be done for it but pray, Blah.

Have no fear, the fly was buzzing about when I got up to feed the kids this morning (Pizza indeed), but this meant I had to have words with the Kitchen Spider. The fly must have been there all night, and the Spider didn't catch him; very disappointing. I'm sure you have a look on your face, I'm used to it by now, but yes, I keep a Spider in my kitchen. I tend to get a new one every six weeks or so because they don't live long. They are amazing creatures, but I hate them. This is a symbiotic relationship based on tolerance and a need. I need to have a bug free kitchen, he needs to eat bugs so it works for us. I hate fruit flies, green flies and those little black gnat things that seem to breed in the soil of house plants. They all make me sick, much worse than the Spider.

The Spiders are smart and keep off my counters, preferring the warm spot over the water tank which suits me fine because then I can always keep an eye on them up there. I do not have a fly problem with a Spider in the kitchen. I regularly tidy away cobwebs (and old spiders, bless them), which I think he likes because they lose their stick with my cooking and need replaced. I do warn people who come in my kitchen to not worry about the Spider, and when I explain they seem grossed out, but I know they're thinking "I might try that."

Anyways...The Spider didn't catch the blue-bottle fly and I'm going to have to sort him out myself now. The thought makes my stomach churn. Blah.


MarkFarley said...

I love the new Fall colours, Liv. xx

tornwordo said...

Life is so interesting, even when it's blah.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Blah. i call it as my BLEAH day.

Manblogger641 said...

I hear ya Lyvvie on the Blah feeling. I think it has to do with the weather myself. Thanks though for the toast butter, pb and j idea. It sounds wonderful to me. I will try it this evening when I get home from work.

It seems there is always something doesn't it?? A new worry a new catastrophy etc... I am still waiting to win the lottery so that my monetary worries could disappear.

cat said...

why would pb&j be bad? I grew up on that. It was good enough for me, why isn't it good enough for the children of today? I think you rock for giving her that... PLUS it was toasted. yummy yum yum!!

Gerbera Daisy said...

There is nothing wrong with peanut butter and jelly on toast for breakfast. I love peanut butter and jelly. Of course I love pizza too. Left over pizza for breakfast is amazingly good!!!

Blazngfyre said...

Although I indulge in pizza for breakfast, and have fed The Boy such (on the weekends), I do not make a habit of it.
Now, a toasted PB&J 'pizza' is good brain food!

In fact, it sounds so good, I think i'll make one for lunch ....

Hope you recover from the *blahs* soon! :)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I found a scorpion in my garage on Friday. Frightening.

gusgreeper said...

i feel BLAH as well it must be the time of year.

hey can you email me your address please it is hard to read on the package and if your monkey got lost i'd feel REALLY SUPER BAD.

Kim said...

Definitely must be that time of year!

Maja said...

I think Spider in the kitchen is a great idea! I usually let Spiders hang around unless they're too scary or too mobile cause I hate bugs and flies, too.

I think that peanut butter and jam on toast make a perfectly acceptable breakfast because they'll give Sassy some long lasting as well as immediate energy for the day.

I know the blah feeling.. I've been feeling blah about work all week!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Love the description of the pizza dance. P B & J is a nutrious breakfast! Who says only certain foods can be served at breakfast? I've always rebelled at that.

Chick said...

Bhahs...I know them well.

I had a kitchen spider near my dishwasher last night...scared me to death...Hubby says he killed him...but I didn't see any I doubt he's dead.

I will not be in my kitchen for a while.

I hope your blahs go away soon.

ty bluesmith said...

we had pizza for breakfast. it was the BOMB

Maja said...

mm I love pizza for breakfast too!

NWJR said...

Waiter, there's a fly in my breakfast pizza!

BeadPerkins said...
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