Sunday, November 20, 2005

It had to happen sometime...

The time has come for Short-Stack to be moved from the crib to a bed. She had five months in her cradle before she outgrew it, and now, she's broken the crib with excessive shaking. She's usually really good about her cotbed (except for the waking in the night as I grumbled about previously) but it's six years old and spent a year in storage. While in storage the wood's gone through a few expands/contracts and now the wooden dowels that hold it together have shrunk and the front facing side gate has been pushed off. Now, of course we could just wood glue it all together, but I'm a firm believer in signs and this is just a sign that she's ready for a bed. We converted the cot to a bed last night and she spent her first night with a bit of freedom.

I expected her to be a bit excited, and I wasn't wrong. We spent a half an hour of quiet play in her room, and tidied up the toys and random laundry off the floor (Sassy's very bad habit is to take her clothed off, swing them around and fling them. I hate it!) and then a couple of bedtime themed stories before laying her down and pulling the blankets up with a kiss goodnight.

I started with the "Rapid Return" technique (Which I learned about while watching Dr. Tanya Byron's "House of Tiny Tearaways" but cannot find a link to share; but basicly, you return them rapidly to bed, pull up the blankets and leave them right away - no talking, eye-contact or extra attention of any kind) which I soon realized was a great game for Short-Stack, because as soon as she'd see me across the hall she'd run back to her bed and giggle. I did this about 60 times! Fourty-five minutes later, she was showing signs of being sleepy and getting quite cranky; this wasn't so much fun anymore. I then sat on the floor next to her bed and, very bored, boring and dull-like, put her back in the bed, and ignored any whining. I just pat her gently on the back and occasionally "shhh-shhh"ed her. It took a full hour to get her to sleep; I'm psyched!! I expected it to take much longer.

I'm please to say she slept through the whole night! She didn't fall out of her bed (I'd put a pillow down on the floor just in case) and when she woke up this morning at six o'clock (so ten hours straight sleep; not too bad), she stayed in her bed and just talked happily to herself until I came in to get her.

I'm so proud!

I expect to go through the Rapid Return/bedsitting routine for about a week until the bed loses it's novelty and she figures out it's no big deal (even though it really is!) and going to sleep is nice again. I'm going to treat myself to something new for being a successful Mom.

I'm worried about what'll happen at naptime though....


SafeTinspector said...

We had a crib that could be modified several times. At first it was high, like a bassinett. Then you lower the bed and its a crib. THen you take off one side and it becomes a low bed (closed on three sides, mind you, but a bed).
Sam gave us no trouble as we transitioned her from one state to another.

Lyvvie said...

That's exactly what we have, Saf-T. It was Sassy's bed until she was four and a half. I liked the rocking cradle because it was msall and fit next to my bed so I could answer the baby's cries faster.

For X-mas that year, 2003, we bought bunk beds from IKEA. On X-mas eve Sassy went to bed and we waited until she fell asleep. We carried her through to our room (she sleeps like a rock, nothing wakes her once she's down) and then we built the bunk beds, which was about a two hours effort due to my big prego-belly, removed her cotbed, and then made up the beds with sheets and quilts. We carried Sassy back and let her wake up on X-mas morning in her new bed.

She was so stunned and excited, she just couldn't figure out how Santa had done it.

Sylvana said...

Good for you! I know so many parents who make the overly attentive mistake!
JD was a little different as far as trying to get him to sleep or nap. When he was really young, he would pretend to go to sleep - but after I left the toom he would very quietly rip the stuffing out of his mattress. A few years later, he would pretend to go to sleep just long enough so that we would be asleep, then he would stealth out of his room and sometimes right out of the house!! He was quite a handful!!

geezer squeezer! said...

aww! thats so cute! its cute when they amuse themselves by chatting away to themselves isnt it? :)
goos to see youre good lyv.
the crib to bed is a huge deal,its all grown up n shit!sexypants might let me get out of my crib soon.heres hoping.
27 days smoke free baby ;) now thats sexy.

NWJR said...

Hope this helps with the bummer mood you've been in.

tornwordo said...

Safetinspector - your picture is haunting.

Probably why I'm not a parent, I might be tempted to crush up a little sedative in the juice at bedtime.

Gerbera Daisy said...