Thursday, October 06, 2005

Where are we?

Had a pretty awful day yesterday. I think I mentioned the Baby was snotty and full of a cold, well it turned nasty yesterday and developed into asthma type attacks. Twice yesterday we took her up the Dr.s for a dose of Ventolin. She's so upset over the whole thing, and it's awful to watch her struggle to get her breath, get frustrated and cry which makes the whole problem even worse. She's also been prescribed steroids for a few days to help clear the airways. I wasn't told until the second visit that the steroids will make her hyper; which means any sleep I can get over the next five days I must cherish because it'll be few and infrequent. I was up with her until 1am last night. Large pot of coffee on the go this morning.

She is much better this morning. Still wheezing but not struggling and she's eaten something and drinking her milk which is a big improvement. Fingers crossed this was only a viral induced incident and not actual Asthma. Sassy-Face had a similar attack that had us taking her to the E.R. about two years ago and she recovered fine. She only needs the inhaler if she's spending time at my M-I-Law's house because they have four dogs that set her off. The only other problem she has is very little stamina; she runs out of puff really quickly. However, now that she's able to ride her bike that'll hopefully change.

I did try and audio post the day but the audio blogger thingie isn't working, or more like, I've not figured out how to use it properly. Not entirely my fault as Audioblogger doesn't have a list of instructions to follow, so I wasted the cost of an international call. I'll try it all again someday soon when I get over the severe disappointment. I'm at a stage where if anything goes wrong I glower and storm at the world "How fucking typical!! Just my luck!! Ain't' it always the fucking way!!" and other such gloominess which isn't like me at all. I'm a cheerful sort when everyone's healthy and not scaring the shit out of me and sending me to prayer for enough comfort to get to sleep for 5 hours. And toast. I've been running to the comfort of carbs as well which does my mood no good at all. I get extra ratty with too much sugar running in my blood. But damn it's so nice.

In other news, as I posted on the writing bog, I joined a writing group to get me back in motivation to write something. Before you start thinking I'm evil for leaving my poor sick child while I gallivant off to a writing group. The Hubs had taken the morning off work anyways so I could go. The Baby was in able and loving hands the whole time. Besides, the meeting was right next door to the Dr.s office so I'd be there in a flash if need be. Or actually, to finish writing something. I'm the current Queen of half-finished work. It's got 10 folks in it (the group, not my work), and I'm the youngest. There's one other guy who's probably about my age but I think he works for a newspaper and is a bit like Woody Allen, but quiet. So he's twitchy and can't sit still but says not-so-much, oh and he's kind of cute but in a never-no-way kind way. Someone to observe from afar and take notes on definitely. Follow link to my other blog for more on that.

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