Friday, October 28, 2005


Sassy still on school break and she's got a cold, a nasty one too, fever of 101.7 and all, but her appetite is there so it'll be fine with lots of TLC and Mommy's toast with honey and cinnamon...a tradition I hope she'll pass on to her sick kids one day because it's an awesome treat when feeling like crap.

We've sold our Fiat Punto. I decided driving a manual transmission totally sucks and refused to drive that frigging thing anymore. Really, what's the point. I know most folks find the control aspect very appealing but I prefer simple things and automatic cars are simple. So it's gone. We've bought a few things (essentials and necessities) and one big treat; a Nintendo Gamecube (on sale). Now, I'm fully aware that it's a dead platform, but as some of you are aware we've had naught but a Sega Dreamcast for a few years and have loved it dearly. It has lots of weird/interesting games (bought mostly on e-bay and a lot are only in Japanese which we have fun supplying our own subtitles to) and it has plenty of games for Sassy to play. We felt Playstation and X-box we're more grown-up and stupidly expensive as far as a game station goes. We can get Dreamcast games for peanuts. So the Cube is pretty cool and we got it as a combo package with some Donkey Kong bongo game which we've not played yet. We also got Super Mario Sunshine, Pikman, and Sonic Heroes. So we'll be having lots of fun...actually Hubs and Sassy are playing right now and I get to chat you cool folks.

Today is second nice day we've had in ages. Yesterday was the hottest recorded Oct 27th in history for the UK (about the mid 60's or 18ish) and today's been breezy and warm. So I've managed to get four loads of laundry done (been piling up with the rain as I can only wash two loads and dry one with my washing/tumble dryer combination machine. I usually end up with clothes drying over every door and covering the radiators) and hung out on the washing line. We've had a couple passing showers and I've managed to run out and save the clothes before they got soaked again while giving a sly middle finger to Mother Nature. I don't think she's caught me yet.

So, I'm off to re work my short story a bit so it'll have one version at 3000 words and another at 1500 words so I can enter it into different competitions. I'm really, really looking forward to Monday coming.

Have a nice weekend Friends!!


Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

oh boy, middle finger to Mother Nature. Bad idea. Lol. You should say something sarcastic and bitch IN FRONT of her :P

Maja said...

Washing washing washing. I swear I do at least one load a day, sometimes two or three, when JJ and I are home on break.

Hope sassy gets better for school on Monday!

I see you've changed your template, too.

Gerbera Daisy said...

I like the new look. Sorry to hear Miss Sassy is under the weather.

Lyvvie said...

I was bored with the old polka dots. I didn't like the overly white background and well...this is more lime for that "Limelight" effect.

Sassy is back to her old crabby-witch self, which means she's a foot stomp or sarcastic sigh away from being grounded; so normal. (She actually said "You're Fuckin' annoyin me today, ya know!" which earned her a drop of tabasco sauce on the tongue)

ugh....I really hate washing. I've been scouring the house today because we have friends coming over...friends who always have a superbly scrubbed home that I swear goes *twinkle-ping* when the sun hits it just so.

I completely need sex, but lack the energy. Is it any wonder women just lay there??? We're fucking exhausted!!