Monday, October 24, 2005

Some mysteries aren't ment to be solved.

We moved into our current (and hopefully last) house two and a half years ago. It's a great wee neighborhood, quiet, seaside and as it's nowhere near a pub we don't have to step over vomit on our way to work or school; yes that was an issue with our flat in Edinburgh but a price you pay for being a mile within city center.

I still feel we're in a state of unpacking, but we aren't. The house is set, for now until I get my old cravings for space and the house is expanded and remodeled, but all in good time. One funny thing about the new home is that, somewhere in my bedroom is an alarm clock that I can't find. That may not sound too unusual except the alarm goes off, without fail, at 8:11am everyday and has done everyday since we moved in.

It's playing a game with me you see, sometimes it just beeps once, other times it beeps off for thirty seconds. Mostly it gives a few beeps and stops. I used to run around the room trying to find it while it's beeping, I could narrow it down to a particular section before it would stop and I'd give up, ready to hunt again another day. On those one beep days, that's when I knew it was a game and not one I was going to win anytime soon. I've prayed for it's battery to die many times, but it just keeps on going. If I ever do find it, I'll have to get another one because it keeps very precise time. I've learned to accept it's need for secrecy now and have just had to learn to live with it. We live in symbiosis.

This morning it went off like always at 8:11am and I thought from next week it'll be going off at 7:11am when we "Fall Back" for daylight savings time. Since I have no clue where the clock is, I can't change it to Fall Back with the rest of them...well, if I found it I would turn the alarm off of course but you know what I mean. I did have a thought today that maybe it's not my clock at all, perhaps it was owned by the previous occupants and they left it here. Maybe it's all very Edgar Allen Poe and they got someone drunk before encasing them in the four inch wide cavity of the closet's plasterboard. There could be a decaying skeleton in there right now with a cheap casio alarm around it's bony wrist going off with a 10 year guaranteed battery life. There was a smell when we moved in now I think of it...okay that was caused by the idiot owners putting one of those plug-in air fresheners upside down and scalding the carpet with burnt oil. They weren't bright sparks the previous owners.

I was also thinking how much I really love daylight savings time and how it's a shame so many people complain about it. It's really depressing seeing stars at five in the afternoon, and that extra hour makes a difference. Ben Franklin was a great man, and I think it's one of his best ideas. Now I live in Scotland, where at this point in time we're losing four minutes of daylight each day, the contrast is dramatic. I've never gotten used to high Summer sunsets at 11:30pm and then sunrise again at 3:30am (blackout blinds are a must) and the opposite happens around Christmas time (perpetual electrical drain inevitable).

Sassy-Face is still on break, so we have cake baking to do, pumpkins to carve and other things I'm sure. It's been raining here for five days straight so we've been trapped indoors. I am starting to lose my mind.

This is the face that greets me each morning when I go to the bathroom. He's the most appreciative of audiences.

Appreciative Audience

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