Sunday, October 16, 2005 bum hurts.

Well, I have a new bike. Not really new, it was liberated (for a small fee) from my Mother-in-law who bought it a few years ago but only rode it twice. After much height adjustment (she's 5' 2" and I'm 5' 8") and new helmet, fingerless gloves and tireflys, in case I fall off to much merriment and pointing, I was ready to give this bike a ride. That was about a month and a half ago. I've been getting gentle reminders from Hubs to ride the bike, and he'd watch the kids but I am She Who Is Full Of Excuses, he pulled out the heavy artillery; he got Sassy-Face to ask me if I'd ride my bike with her.

Sassy-Face has been without training wheels for a month now, and her confidence is soaring. I'm still a big chicken because, you see, I haven't been on a bike in 17 years. Funny how the time flies, eh? I was forever on my bike as a teenager, even though it had the dodgiest brakes going (no rear brakes, front only and even they were weak) and no helmet, I would ride from morning until night all over town covering miles and miles. I had pretty nice legs, let me tell you, but once I got my driver's license and POS Ford Tempo, the bike rusted away and eventually found its way to the trash heap (RIP). Seeing Sassy look up at me saying "Mommy, I'm really excited about you and me going riding our bikes together. Daddy's going to watch the Baby so it's just you and me. Isn't it great?" Yes, dear child, it is and how humbled am I?

So I got the helmet on, the gloves and it's daytime so I'll not see my tireflys flashing (But I got to see Sassy's last night and they're so cool!) but I smiled through my anxiety and off I went. That old saying about how you never forget how to ride a bike, well it's true, but the confidence I once had isn't there. I got a bit panicky going around sharp corners but after about 10 minutes and it all faded away. I felt great peddling away, with the ocean breeze and watching Sassy pedal on up ahead of me. It was wonderful, almost as good as I remember. Only problem was my assbones bouncing off the bike seat, I'd forgotten the pain of breaking in one's butt or developing ass callouses I'm not sure what happens, but there comes a time when the seat doesn't cause one to walk bowlegged.

So, I'm definitely going to ride the bike again, I needed the Sassy-Face manipulation technique to get me out there, because I was in serious denial about the actual existence of a bike in my garage that was for my use. Once I felt that breeze while coasting along the seawall, I was hooked. I was 17 again, briefly.

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