Monday, October 10, 2005

My head's on a roll!

(with some lettuce, tomato and mayo!)

Something's going on my head, it's like pop pop pop with the ideas lately. I have to keep my notepad with me at all times. The most common phrase I utter is "I wonder if..." and there I go, I'm off and there's no coming back until the baby cries.

While suffering a bout of insomnia the other night, yeah I've got that for some reason too *shrug*, I was thinking. I hate that when it's wee small hours and you're due to wake up but oh no, the mind has a story to tell and it's crap. It's silly banal crap. So of course I'll share the silly banal crap with everyone because I'm that kind of girl.

Our radio signals have hit a distant planet. It's the planet oooOOOOooo (you sing this, like when something weird happens or you think you see a UFO in the night sky and you make that oooOOOOooo noise, or like the beginning of the Dr. Who music. ) It's a planet where everyone sings, it's their language, they sing and people who don't sing, or can't are considered horribly handicapped. It's their culture so save the critique for them ok. I mean if you've got a stutter, you're on government welfare for life. They hear our radio signal and think "What a poor, poor planet!!" because we don't sing when we talk. In fact, wait until the people of oooOOOOooo figure out we named their beautiful planet M274, I mean really! That's just pitiable.

I just had a vision of the leaders of planet oooOOOOooo coming to visit our planet and the leaders of our planet have to sing in order to effectively communicate Bush and Putin are doing a can-can and seriously trying to kick Chirac in the ass.chiracbushputin Can Bush even sing?? I mean we could all be at the mercy of a man who's tone deaf. Or what if we don't sing and the alien leaders decide we are a pitiable place and must be put out of our collective misery. With a massive mother ship death ray ready to bear down upon us, that is until we are saved by Liza Minelli as she struts out in front of everyone, elbowing all the suits aside and blasts out Cabaret and melts the hearts of the aliens; literally. liza
Is it any wonder I've begun to drink a bit more at night?

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