Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I stare blankly at you over my cup of lukewarm coffee.

I spent yesterday at my Mother-in-law's house with the kids. Sassy-Face is on school break for two weeks so I'm in mini-panic mode about what to do with her. I shouldn't really panic because I survived the Summer with it's 6 weeks of Sassy-saturation. MIL is a nice woman, don't get me wrong, but so set in her ways. She's the giver of advice and taker of none. That's not entirely true but Hubs's family are the sorts who don't trust someone elses advice, play nice and say thank you with every intention of ignoring what you just said. That is until about six months later when they say "You know, I tried what you suggsted and it worked, imagine that." I can be kind to them because they're family, but really it annoys the tits off me.

So it was all talk of baking, child raising and housework boring but pleasant in a not very deep way. Painless really. We went into Linlithgow and trawled through the charity shops for cheap toys and stuff. I got a super deal on this dance mat witout it's headset, but really who wants to hear the kid singing over all the noise of the mat anyways? Short-Stack loves it, and it entertains for about 20 minutes per use before they get bored with it. Not too bad for £3.50 I think.

I was able to borrow a few cooking books (MIL has her own library full but it is best to return her books within two weeks or suffer her and wrath, and it's not a 20p charge, let me tell ya.) and I got some ideas for vegan friendly cakes, which I tried this morning and it came out great! So Short-Stack can have some cake and not breakout in a hideous rash and claw her eyes out from the hives. I've eaten a lot of it too, (It's banana, apple and raisin spice cake) it's really good. I shared the recipe with MIL (as Father-in-law has egg allergy too) but the real shocker was; you don't need eggs to make a cake. Can you believe it, I couldn't believe it, you don't need to add the eggs, and it doesn't matter. I got some good ideas from the Vegan Society even though we're not vegans, we have milk and egg allergies to contend with and try and find ways for the kids to have a diet that makes them feel they aren't being deprived of anything. It's a good site when you can skim all the animal cruelty text and get to what your interested in (unless you are interested in that, then hey, go for it. I figure my choice to not eat animals will have no effect on whether the world eats them so screw it, I'm eating them.)

For your enjoyment, I'll also submit these pictures. I was working away on the computer and noticed, Short-Stack was quiet. Everyone with kids knows when they are quiet, trouble is not far behind. I called out her name and after a few moments, she began to make sad noises. I found her wedged behind the recliner and under the book shelf. I put the recliner here to stop her from tearing up the Hub's comic book collection (She loves to rip books, it's our secret bibliophile-family shame) and you can see she must have squeezed through a tight space to get in there, she sat down with her legs under the bookshelf and couldn't figure out how to stand back up. Yes she's crying a little but not really. It's a fake cry and she wasn't hurt so don't go thinking I'm cruel because rather than pull her free right away, I ran for the camera and snapped a couple pics of her first. She'll appreciate it when she's older.


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