Monday, October 03, 2005

I love school projects!!

I used to hate them as a kid because I had this overwhelming fear and loathing because I knew I would never be able to do a nice project because my parents would never help me. So usually I just never did it and put up with getting a half-hearted rant from the parents instead. Another vow of mine; my kids will never have to feel bad about school projects because I will always help them make the best project!

The last project was sock puppets of any sort and ours came out awesome! So awesome in fact they got pride of place in the main hallway for the whole school to see them! Actually...we've not had them back yet and I never posted an image of them finished. I'll have to chase them up. Those Sea Dragons can get up to all sort of mischief.

This project was for the kids to design and build their own musical instrument. How cool!! Recently we'd watched an episode of Arthur where all the kids became obsessed with clicking jar lid buttons, and we thought that would be a good instrument. Button lids of different sizes will make different sounds, and if that doesn't work, the kids can still use them as a drum.

Here's how it went:


I thought it turned out really well. Sassy had a great time painting and glueing. We did the initial painting as it was spraypaint and toxic smelly stuff. So much fun, let me tell ya! A couple of chopsticks for drum sticks and there ya go! We're very proud, can ya tell?

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