Monday, September 05, 2005

I don't need encouragement to make a fool of myself...

Well, as I've been asked my Maria and Maja (Ok Maja didn't say the words, but she mentioned checking me out) to show my new bra being worn as a hat, Who am I to disappoint? I never disappoint. (Well, maybe LBB, but only because I put my shirt back on for the hat pic.) Please understand I have just come home from the gym, am extremely red faced still and have no cosmetics on my face; so I'm not my usual sultry self, but the everyday big-cheeks cuteness I despise so much. Also please ignore the fact I'm not a swimsuit tanner. thank you. Oh, and I did warn you it was an ugly bra. It's a Granny Bra. It's just...well it works, while at the gym, bouncing was at a complete minimum.

Here ya go this is me in the ugly bra. (As my arms are only so long this is the best I could do)


And the hat...

Told ya so.

Hope that makes someone smile this Monday.

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