Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our 10 year anniversary. I have no idea how 10 years just passed by, it doesn't feel like 10 years and yet, obviously, it is. Wow!!!

So my wedding. We didn't really want a wedding, we wanted to elope. We got so far as booking it all up, and thinking about rings and such when we started to think; our Mom's would be really pissed to not be able to see us get married; the first and only son, the baby daughter. Plus the governments aren't to pleased about quickie marriages, especially when we were going to apply to be living in one or the other's country.

In the end we were up front and everyone was pleased. I asked Hubs to choose the day we'd marry. He said he didn't care, but I wanted him to choose. Out of thin air he chooses Sept. 23rd. I got chills. For several years, and my Mom will attest to this fact, In September I would always ask who had a birthday on the 23rd? No one. Who has an anniversary on the 23rd? No one. Well something had to be important about that date because I always had a feeling, like I was forgetting someone. It haunted me for many years. So, when hubs picked that date, I agreed immediately. I have never felt that weirdness since.

It was a very small wedding, about 25 people. My immediate family, his too and a handful of close friends. We had a simple registry office ceremony (neither of us is particularly religious) and a fun dinner and drinks after at Old Orleans restaurant. It's not a posh place, it's a fun place and they serve decent food and the cocktails were half price. We were all drinking mai tais and mudslides and being very merry. My Mother-in-law made us a cake which by the time we cut it, we were all so drink I don't know if we could taste it.

My uncle, who was able to join us because of a well timed business trip, gave us a suite at the Caledonian Hotel. The suite was bigger than our first apartment. It was great. We still look up at the suites windows from the street below and call it ours.

In 10 years we've had: two kids, one dog, four homes, three cars, eight jobs, one bed, two mattresses, several dead houseplants, one set of pots and pans, vacations in four countries and a whole lot of fun and frustration. Isn't that what marriage is all about?


oh, and there's not one wedding photo where everyone is looking in the same direction...this was the best of the lot.

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