Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Father and Daughter

I called up the stairs to Sassy to say it was time to wake up and come down to breakfast. I heard her coming down the stairs in her usual theatrical way, one loud stomping step at a time. She came into view, stopped on the third step from the bottom, sighed very heavily and sat down, chin in her hands and looking very annoyed.

I asked her what the matter was, didn't she sleep well? And with a quavering voice, as if fighting back the tears she squeaked;

Sassy: "Mummy, my dreams are teasing me" she said with wide, sad eyes.

Me: "Oh dear sweetie, that's not very nice. Want to tell me what the dreams were?"

Sassy: "Well, it was Christmas and Easter at the same time. I woke up and at the end of my bed was a HOOG (huge) pile of presents and chocolates. Even a big chocolate bunny, Mummy."

Me: "Wow! That sounds super, I'd like to wake up and find that at the end of my bed."

Sassy: "Yeah, and I was opening the presents and there were all my favourite toys and I was just so happy, so excited...And then you yelled at me to wake up!"

Me: "Oh, honey, I'm sorry I had to ruin your dream, but it is time to wake up."

Sassy: "And I woke up for real and all my presents were gone. It's so unfair!

Me: It is, I agree. Poor darling. What do you want for breakfast?"

And the morning continued, but I really felt sorry for her. We've all had those last dreams, just before the alarm going off and it's so wonderful, how dare real life intrude! That night after the girls were fast asleep, I told Husband about Sassy's dream. He laughed and giggled, felt the same knowing remorse for her. He then told me a story about how something similar had happened to him when he was four.

He told me that Santa Claus had come in through his bedroom window and he had big bag with him. Santa told him that since he had been so good, he was bringing him a super special present; just for him. Now, he wasn't allowed to open it yet, he was told not to touch it. Santa put the present on a shelf right behind the headboard of the bed, told him again he wasn't to touch it, and then left.

Well, what would you do if you were a little boy with a super special present from Santa hiding behind your bed? You'd do what a young hubs did and peel back a corner of wrapping paper and peek; and he saw the most amazing toy in the world! It was the best thing and he was so excited. Just then his Mom came in told him to wake up;

Mom: "Come one now, I've told you several times to get out of bed, let's go!"

LilHubs: "grumble groan......"

He then shot up and looked for his present behind his headboard. There was a bag there, but it wasn't the same one in his dream. He put his hand out to open the bag and take a closer look...

Mom: "Now I just got finished telling you that I didn't want you to touch that bag! It's the cat's kitty litter for it's toilet tray and I don't want you playing with it so leave it alone! Please be a good boy and get up and ready for school."

It wasn't Santa after all. It was his Mom, putting kitty litter on the shelf (Why she put it there we don't know and he's going to ask this weekend) But isn't it cruel how the mind takes noises and bits of conversation and twists them around into something else? The radio alarm, the noisy cars outside, birds or anything really. Such a disappointment. I'm willing to bet he spent years, every so often, peeking behind his bed to try and find that elusive special present that Santa promised him. Hubs shared this story with Sassy as her bedtime story, and they now have this very special bond between them that'll last a lifetime.

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