Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dorky Tuesday!!

Well I can't get the Hubs to take half-naked pics of me for HNT. But, my Mom brought over a whole bunch of picture of family for me, including a whole bunch of my school portraits. I was too busy scrubbing down surfaces and preparing for Mom's arrival to get this in last week for the official Dorky Tuesday, so forgive and understand. Here's two that I'm sure you'll love.

This is me at thirteen. It's pretty bad, and yes, that haircut made me cry. I asked for it to be high on the top, feathered down the sides, like Samantha Fox, but I got a mullet. With my hair it just wasn't going to work, and they hadn't invented straightening plates yet. My teeth are broken, I had my braces removed a few weeks earlier and hadn't had my front teeth fixed yet. My front teeth are built up because I broke them when I was nine by diving into the shallow end of the swimming pool and bashing my face on the tiled bottom. I get new teeth about every 5-7 years because, like a rabbit, they wear down. You can see that all my teeth are the same length here. I'm also sporting a huge horizontal strip sweater that does nothing to hide to the fact I'm a bit chubby. I had not learned the fine art of eyebrow plucking either, at least I didn't have acne. But...are my eyes looking in two different directions??


This was me a year later at fourteen. A few big changes, I'd lost weight, become a Madonna fan, had a boyfriend who'd bought me the cross (I'm agnostic but it was the thought that counts). The picture has been spattered by something, and I couldn't clean it all off. I still haven't plucked my eyebrows, I still haven't figured out how to get Samantha Fox hair, (Although I had been coloring it, as you can tell by the frizzy fly away bits) and my frigging eyes are looking in different directions again! I swear I'm not cockeyed and never was. At least you can see I had my teeth fixed.

My family was not the display photo types of people, all of these came out of a large wooden chest, loosely held in a plastic bag, not even in albums. I'll admit, all my pictures, are now held in a plastic box in my closet, not in albums either.


Hope you enjoyed.

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