Friday, September 09, 2005

Day two...

They had a great nights sleep and woke to stiff hips all around. I'm going to believe it was the below average mattress they slept on. I've offered up a mattress pad to help make the bed a bit softer and more comfortable. When we arrived at 11am, they were frying up bacon and eggs for breakfast.

They are obviously used to the glamour life, spoiled by their 36 foot motor home with all it's modern appliances. These folks were born in the 30's, and will have grown up using a whistling kettle on the stovetop, but could they look at the whistling kettle that comes with the caravan and know how to use it? Nope. I watched my mother put the metal teapot; with metal handle, on the stovetop and then complain about there being no pot holders to hold the scalding handle in order to pour water for a cup of *groan* instant coffee. I had to explain one was for boiling water, the other for brewing tea/coffee in. "Why can't they just have a coffee maker in here?" they also complained about the small cups; too dainty for a good cup of coffee. I don't know Mom, please consider it an camping in luxury tent 28X12 foot tent with full bath/shower and two full bedrooms. The kitchen in this place is bigger then mine own at home.

After a small visit in the morning where Swifty grilled us about how we could ship various objects back to the USA and the cost and taxes involved and Mom and I laughed and huffawed about family (I said "I don't know" a lot) Hubs and I needed to run some errands so left them to their fun for a few hours.

Hubs and I went to the SuperTesco store and bought a caffetiere, a rapid boil kettle, a couple of scented candles, some bleach, sponges, four pack of big coffee mugs and a plastic spatula (They were using a metal one on a non stick pan pet peeve, pet teeth were grinding but I kept quiet)

Here's a pic of the car...not so bad, but bad enough. Hubs had to take to body shop, where they look the car over Nat then say "We'll post the quote you in the post in a couple days." nothing like waiting for a bomb to drop through the letter box eh?


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