Thursday, September 08, 2005

And the saga begins....

My normally boring wee life has become a sudden soap opera. Entertainment for those bored Gods who still hang about in obscurity, with a finger in the pot, having a stir.

I had a wee argument with a friend, partly brought on by the stress of what I know is coming my way, and other issues, so...Friend - You'll know who you are - I'm sorry. Suffering sensory overload and treated you badly. Hope you can forgive me J.

Maria, Maria, Maria....I'll have to e-mail you to show you how to delete chat logs. But not nice he's reading your pivate mail. Only glad he's not put the chat up on display. Women and wine, oh dear...*GRIN*


Mom and her...well there's an issue. I don't want to use his name for his own protection, but he's more than a boyfriend (I mean they are both over 65) and if I say partner, someone will think Mom is a lesbian for sure, but she's not. I did notice a conservative sized diamond on her ring finger...I didn't ask about it. I'm not ready for that story, and I'm sure she'll tell me soon enough, to my utter joy. For my story adventures, I'll call him Swifty. Which is a joke as he's got replacement hips and a walker and isn't zippy in the slightest, so Swifty he is. For now. Until I get to know him better.

They arrived without any hassles, lost luggage or illness which is a great start. They are, of course, exhausted. Our first challenge was to try and get a car rented for them. So once all luggage was retrieved off we set to the bar of different rental companies. Hubs had looked online and knew he could get an automatic wee car for about 60-80 pounds a week. Not bad, we'll pay for it for them. BUT, when we get to the counters, the figure jumps to £650!! Talk about rape. Turns out, online prices are well different from ones quoted with person live at counter. £650 was more than the cost of their accommodation for the two weeks. We walked away figuring we'll get a car online when we get home, and go collect later on.

Once home, the need to find a rental car became even more elusive. Seems there's no small cars available in all of Fife - only luxury cars, that are stupid expensive. We own two cars, one is automatic, but on an insurance company that won't cover foreign drivers, the other is a manual and on an insurance company that loves foreign drivers! With both Swifty and Mom having aged hips, I figured the clutch would be to uncomfortable for them. When suggesting they could drive my punto around, mom said she'd be fine with it, and it would only cost us £50 to add her as additional driver. A win/win situation all round.

We get it all sorted within a half an hour and Mom has the car. Great stuff. We get them over to the caravan park (A super nice one not trashy one. Has luxury pool, spa gorgeous views across the Forth to Edinburgh, a four star restaurant; I took great care in selecting a nice place for them to vacation.) and mom drove the car just fine, didn't stall it once which made me feel real jealous because that car hates me and I feel like it tries to run away from me. It senses disdain.

They get a few things from a small shop, after thier day, they want a drink; which I can understand. Bourbon and cokes on ice, and they have a we rest after I help unpack everything. We needed to fill the frige with provisions, and Swifty being a Wal*Mart fan wondered if there was a super Wal*Mart nearby. Well...there was an Asda close as it gets. Mom did just have a drink, and Hubs suggest he drive Mom to the shop. Mom insists she perfectly fine, one drink is not going to make her drunk (Um, Mommy, two fingers of bourbon, after 8 hour flight and no sleep for almost 24 hours is not a safe mix, but you're not going to listen are yeah. OK.) On getting into our cars (oh yes, all of us need to go 4 adults and 2 kids and two cars full for filling of 3 cubic foot fridge with freezer drawer) It's a short drive.

We get into the parking lot, meet up and, Swifty says Mom crashed the car. What, hahaaaa nice joke there Swifty. I was watching the whole time, she didn't crash anyone. Yes she did. When backing out of the parking space at the caravan, she backed right into the caravan behind hers. She dented the rear panel and smashed out the rear light assembly. She crashed my car in less than two hours of being put on the insurance. They laughed about it, like heehee, aren't we silly. I know they were embarrassed, and have offered to pay for the repairs. It's still drivable, she didn't break the bulb, but....FUCK!

Hubs has been very, very understanding...he..he even laughed. I think he may be having a quiet episode, but I'll take this over any other crap one might expect. Trouble is, deductible on foreign driver insurance is £500. So if Mom had only crashed a little harder, put some real effort into it, we could totaled the car, but as it is...that may not happen. We'll find out today.

13 days of happy families and smiling-cheek ache to go.

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