Monday, August 22, 2005


We had a great weekend yet again! Saturday was quiet (Except for Sassy-Face having a super tantrum that lasted for nearly 2 hours! I sent her upstairs to get dressed, and then I walked up to the grocery store for a few things. I got back about an hour later and she was no where to be found. I asked Husband where she was, and he said he'd sent her upstairs about 45 minutes ago to get dressed. I called her downstairs and she started stomping her feet, screaming and slamming her bedroom door {She knew she going to be in the yeah, lets be outright awful and make Mum and Dad absolutely livid} then when she came downstairs {"Right this minute...right now!!" I shouted} she was wearing her underpants and one sock. And they were the same underpants as yesterday. We both hit the roof. How can she waste so much time?? And doing what, exactly?? I just don't get it. As a kid I would at least get dressed before I spaced out the day in my little dreamworld. I would do what Mom and Dad told me to do for fear of a belt across the ass, but no; not our Sassy-Face (We don't do that sort of thing, a spank if she's really, really bad and only one and then we feel awful and guilty afterwards for days). The following Sassy-Face sassy remarks and naughtiness earned her a grounding for a week, and even after that she kept being arsie with us! She began throwing her toys out into the hallway and at her walls. I got a black trash bag and told her she had to put each and every toy she owns into the bin bag, she doesn't deserve toys if she's going to treat them like that. That took her another two hours of sniffling and pouting. It was actually great when she came down and practically whispered that she needed another bag as the first one was now full. I'm a mean, mean Mommy!! Serves her right. Sassy-Faces wee brat) Did I say quiet??? What am I on...oh yes, another bottle of wine later *La-da-ti-da-da*

Sunday we had our great friends Gary, Leslie and their daughter Eleanor who's only a few weeks older than our toddler over for BBQ. It was a nice sunny hot morning, got up to almost 70 degrees (That is hot for Scotland!) we filled up the paddling pool and watched the kids go bonkers in the water - they we're elated! There was steak, hamburgers, cream cakes, beer, wine, potato salad, green salad and a whole lot of sand in everything (for added fiber??) the kids gorged themselves on fresh fruit and berries, it was red stained faces all around.

The clouds came around a wee while after Noon, so we showered off the kids and got them dressed a bit warmer (blue shivering lips once the sun disappeared) and then the wind picked up. I suggested to Husband we go fetch our kites and we all go out to the green and have a fly. Wouldn't ya know it, Gary&Les brought their kites with them. We have a wee stunt kite, they have a Parachute!! But what a kick-ass kite! It was awesome!! We'd never tried anything like that, always thought it would be too difficult (what a couple of pussies we are eh? I'm ashamed) The thing would catch a strong wind and practically lift you off the ground (And I did do a few hops along the grass before I was told to squat a bit) The kids were just running around daft as Larry, (who is Larry anyway and why is he daft??) and we all took turns on the big kite and chasing after the wee ones. We soon had a small crowd of wee people watching (in all we had four kites up, two wee ones from the kids, our small stunt kite and the flexifoil) it was just an amazing way to spend the afternoon.

We'd worked up another appetite, and I whipped up some pasta with garlic sausages and onion/tomato sauce before the kids were obviously running on inertia and were lacking any more actual energy.

Every Weekend should be that fun!! (minus the 2-4 hour tantrum)

How was yours?

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