Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wee wee wee...

Upon reading the blogs in my blog roll I've noticed a theme of pee. The act of urinating, the smell of stale urine and, well having a perpetual pee machine around all the time; I've got pee on the mind.

I'm thinking about how when you eat asparagus, it makes your pee smell funny almost immediately. So does Sugar Puffs cereal and Cheerios. Mmmmm...malty. One of may favorite practical jokes is when I'm going to the doctors or hospital and I'll have to give a urine sample (When you're pregnant you give a lot of samples *) I'll eat a huge serving of beetroot, I love beetroot! I love the expression on the lab asst.'s face when I hand over a cup filled with bright reddish-pink pee. Ahh...the joys. If you've ever gorged yourself on beetroot, you've had that telltale bright pink/red pee too I'm sure!

I also like it when we use one of those toilet blocks that turns the water blue, so when I pee, the water then turns bright green, especially if I've remembered to take my vitamins that morning...it's like art, but not really, only the mixing up paint to get different colors part. Of course pink beetroot pee will turn blue toilet water a pretty lavender shade.

Anyways, I was thinking about how pee really smells bad, and if we can change the smell of our pee with asparagus, and it's colour with beetroot; why not invent something so we can all have pleasant smelling designer pee? I mean a pill that make our pee smell nice for a change, or rainbow assortment of colors to choose from. Think about the men lined up at the urinals all peeing in different fashion colors. It would make toilet training the kids so much easier, and that iffy job of smelling the pants for freshness a thing of the past!

It would take me many years to earn a chemistry degree and doctorate not to mention those years of test studies and such. So if someone out there want to pick up this ball and run with it, that would be fine with me! I will insist on a 30% cut of all profits and full credit for the original idea.

I'm even thinking of a pet care line for our furry friends who like marking their territory in our territory. The options are endless.

*I am not currently pregnant, nor shall I ever be again, God willing.

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