Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Scandal in the Brew?

I have a dangerous attraction for charming men. I've learned the hard way that charming men are usually scoundrels that are crippled by insecurity and have issues with impulse control. When under their spell you feel like a million bucks (I've worked in a bank, and I have felt a million bucks and it's not that special really but the expression lives) they are shameless and shameful manic depressives. They all seem to have a thing for drink too...I don't know why.

Anyways, I was watching "The Four Musketeers" with Oliver Reed, Damn he was hot in his day, charming and shameless/shameful alcoholic. I was struck by how much he looks like Eddie Izzard. Well, no it would be the other way around, Eddie Izzard looks like Oliver Reed. I have a thing for Eddie too, but often worry my wardrobe be too dull to keep him interested *sigh*, I digress.

Here's pictures of them both...I'm thinking Eddie is Ollie's love child.








I think it's uncanny.

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