Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A long weekend...

Husband surprised me on Friday by saying he had taken Monday off to spend time with us, his family. Isn't he sweet. Saturday we were each meeting up with our friends, me with Morna and He was meeting Calum, his pal since university.

I've been holding a secret wish for Calum and Morna to like each other and maybe hook up, but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen. He's just gotten out of his last relationship with a bunny-boiler (She sent me e-mails announcing their engagement and Calum had no clue. He'd never proposed) and Morna has been terminally dateless since her divorce (at her own request I think...). She's spent the last decade or so working hard and raising her two kids, both teenagers now. She's only a year older than me and I'm hoping to see love come back into her life. We had lunch at this awesome Chinese food buffet called Saigon Saigon (There's also China China and I think they're a chain around the UK) where you no sooner put an empty glass away and it's whisked away, clear a plate and poof it's gone. The most attentive staff I've ever seen. The food's pretty good too. After that we went our separate ways; the girls to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the boys to go buy computer things, cables and doo-dads. Boring stuff anyways.

Had a nice time at the botanics, although they now make you pay to go visit the hot houses! Outrage! Scandal! It's always been one of those reliably free things you could take the kids to in the city. I cussed a lot, and loudly. I even made an old lady tsk me...not hard to do in Edinburgh, the city is full of what we call the Blue-Rinse Brigrade; prim ladies who wear heather tweed suits, gloves and fluffy angora beret type hats even in the heat of summer. They have tea and scones and shake their heads at the changes in the world, especially the young girls with their fat bellies hanging over the waistbands of too tight jeans or g-strings showing up the back. In that I must admit, I shake my head too.

The kids got to run free on large grassy bits, hug trees and torment pigeons and squirrels with squeals of joy. At one point the Baby was toddling off along the path in the other direction and I kept calling for her to come to us, but she just wouldn't. I tried the "Bye-Bye, see you later" thing but she'd just laugh and continue to run away. Finally I gave chase, and then tried my trick for stopping her falling down the stairs, I shouted "Baby, SIT!" and she walked to a stop, and promptly sat down on the path and waited for me to collect her. What a good baby huh! Morna was impressed and asked if I've taught her to roll over and play dead too...I'm thinking about it.

The men joined us later on after collecting their odds and sods and exhausting the talk about laptops; which is best. They brought the rain with them and we found shelter under a tree, but the rain wasn't going to let up so we made tracks for the car We took Morna home and laughed at Calum while he walked the short way home, in the rain. Sadly, there's no attraction between Morna and Calum. Sigh.

The next day was rest and pajamas. We did take Sassy up to the schoolgrounds to let her practice riding her bike; almost time to take the training wheels off. Monday, we all got up early and drove into Edinburgh, we went to Dynamic Earth and the Museum of Childhood, well Husband and Sassy-Face went, I don't like the place much it's just a bunch of toys behind glass and you can't play with any of them. I went up the High Street and was very happy to see it was already thronged with people, street performers, and music with folk getting ready for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is a chance to see plays, comedy, and other performance arts for cheap...well it used to be cheap, now it's commercial and used to attract tourists. But the streets are alive, active and flowing with free talent. I love this time of year in Edinburgh.

We all then met up again and went down to the Museum of Scotland (thankfully, still free here) and wandered around without worry or care for time; a rare piece of leisure time when both kids were excellent company and behaving themselves. We tried to get out of the city before rush hour and lazed about the house until bedtime. A fantastic day.

Yesterday the girls and I went to my Mother-in-law's house where the kids were spoiled and I'm treated as a guest. A nice spread for breakfast, but the Baby was being grumpy and restless. She suffered a couple of allergic reactions to something, we couldn't figure it out. Her food was definitely dairy free, bless the woman, my MIL made a real effort for Baby. It turned out to be the travel cot, evidently my nephew, who's four months older than my Baby, is given buttered toast, cheese chunks probably suckles from an engorged cow in that cot whenever my fat slag of a sister-in-law comes to visit. I was bad and forgot to bring her allergy medicine so had to take her outside in the cool breeze, with a cold compress and hold her hands down so she couldn't scratch at her hives. These reactions tend to subside completely in a half an hour, and by the end of it she was so exhausted, and pissed off she slept for two hours. We took a bus into Linlithgow and wandered in and out of the various shops, delis and charity shops. I was able to buy the girls some winter pajamas which was needed and they were on sale. MIL bought us lunch, which always makes me feel bad, I like to go halfsies and never want to feel I own anyone anything. It's a guilt thing. I'm awful to buy presents for too.

I miss Sassy when she's away, she sleeps over Grandma's house on a Tuesday night, and my house is too quiet without her. I did, however, get to lie in a bit this morning (an extra half an hour from normal) and had an easy routine. The Baby is feeling better and was good fun this morning before she settled down for her nap; which she asked for "NI NI, MA!" and began climbing the stairs for her room. I'm now going to play the Sims2 and create all of my favorite bloggers into a village of our own and watch how it all unfolds. I may even post some screen shots, who knows. So be careful not to piss me off, I've got a virtual voo doo doll and I can get you abducted by aliens.

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