Thursday, August 18, 2005

I am Not!

Okay, today was rough, man. I mean oh my Lord. It was pissing with rain, and I had the two rugrats driving me freakie-go-bananas today! I've now done a rare and mysterious thing; by 6pm I had opened the dust covered wine bottle that someone probably gave us about 3 years ago and glug, glug, glug...I got myself a buzz.

I tell you, it was for my children I have done this. I mean they are really quite cute and sweet but DEMONS I tell you pure blood lustie DEMONS! We are all still in our pajamas...there's a serious coping issue right now. The kids are winning the war. I' know *drinking*

I haven't had a drink in a very long time, so let's just assume that one glass has gone *whizz!* right to my head. Husband is home..he's giving me the pity look. If it wasn't for his sutures, I might have been able to get some sweet loving tonight.

So I apologize if I make out of sorts kind of remarks, because, despite the kids flaying the skin from my bones today, I'm feeling kind of loose and sweet.

Wow...what a pretty colour! Later, I'm going to dance around the living room saying the word "fuck" over and over again...I've been repressed for toooo long!!!

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