Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Conversations with my six year old...

I'm on the computer. I sent Sassy-Face outside to play in the garden about a half an hour ago because it was beautiful outside and although she is grounded, I feel it's too cruel to keep kids indoors on sunny days when the rainy days are far too prevalent. Besides, I couldn't stand to hear her mope and sigh anymore; little daggers of guilt.

I hear the back door close...

Me: Hey Sassy, I thought you were playing outside.

Sassy: Yeah, I was. It's really windy outside you know.

Me: I know, been really windy all day.

Sassy: So, uhm, ya know what Mummy?

Me: No darling, what?

Sassy: The wind was so strong, it's blown down the laundry line.

Me: What? That can't be right, it's set in concrete.

Sassy: Well, a really strong wind blew it over.

I'm now quite annoyed because the whirly-jig was full of clothes and I suddenly had image of my knickers flying off into the neighbors yard or stuck up in the trees (windy, sunny days; perfect for drying outside) I rush outside and see this (caution, may cause dizziness):


And this...

The wind my eye!

And I'm thinking...wait a second, the wind didn't do this: I'm being lied to! (ok like it's really obvious the second I saw this. My head was quickly trying to think of how to deal with Sassy that didn't involve the social services) I just go quiet. I'm thinking. I look at Sassy who is about 6 feet away from me (clever girl, well out of reach). I just look at her, no angry face, in fact I'm sure I was completely expressionless.

Sassy: (looking at her shoes)What Mummy?

Me: The wind didn't do this.

Sassy: (still looking at her shoes) Yes it did.

Me: (Real quiet calm voice, I'm dead impressed with myself) Sassy, tell me truth; did you go for a swing?

Sassy: (silence..those shoes must be really interesting!)

Me: Look at me and tell me the truth. Did the wind really do this?

Sassy: (Mumbles softly) No Mummy. I did it. (Awwww....she told the truth, isn't she good? Then the head snaps up, hands are on her hips and she rolls her eyes) I suppose I'm going to be grounded for another day?

Me: (very calmly, desperate not to laugh at cheekiness!) Go upstairs to your room and put you pajamas on.

I went up about a half hour later and told her I wasn't as mad about the whirly-jig being broken (£30 to get a new one though, pissed off about that!) but that she lied to me about it. The fact that she didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth hurt my feelings, and blah blah blah and in no time she was crying and feeling suitably guilty; as well she should! I never once raised my voice. I was extremely well behaved and handled this like Super-Mom. I was of course laughing my ass off trying to imagine her playing Tarzan on the whirly-jig though, I mean what kid wouldn't do that...I'm completely amazed she didn't do it ages ago.


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