Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bad News Tagged.

I've been tagged by Aughra The Bad News Blonde (A woman well worth giving up men for, for her shoe collection alone) and I get to share with you all, my beloved internet friends the 7's in my life...


things that are in my frig right now...

Well, It would be easier to take a pic as I don't have much in there right now. I tend to buy supplies from day to day. I despise rotten food in my frig, am terrified of mold and have often just thrown away suspicious things, tupperware and all, because I dare not open it. I am a menace to the landfills.

the Frig

As you can see there's the assortment of vegetables, condiments and Huge-Costo tin of coffee. there's a half bottle of champange for that "Fuck-me Stupor" and some beer that's been hanging around for a couple weeks....should drink that really. Loaf of bread (in frig so won't go moldy in drawer) and a bowl of beans and sausages for the wee-one's lunch today.

television programs that are on my 'Now Playing List' on my TiVo...

We don't have TiVo here yet: BOO! But I'm on a TV break at the moment after wasting so much time on Big Brother (well it was a dare....) So I'll list those shows I never miss:

  1. CSI - original and best, but will watch the NY one. Miami (Horatio) is dire wet pants.
  2. various Teen Titans episodes - Aughra said it but I agree. I have the first 6 episodes committed to memory due to having them on DVD and it being Sassy's current favourite.
  3. General Hospital - The only American soap opera we get and it's been a favourite for 17 years. Judge me at will (but I'll flip you the bird if you trash me for it)
  4. How clean is your house? - I need this to prove to myself I am not a filthy slut and kids will not become street urchins.
  5. Little Angels - I need this to remind myself that my kids are awesome compared to the demons other parents have to suffer. Plus I really fancy Dr. Tanya Baron -She's hot
  6. Bad Lads Army - Reminds me that....screw it, it's just too funny. Bring back the National Service!
  7. Scrubs - I could watch hours and hours of this show it's so damned funny.

things I have never done, and may never do...

  1. parachuting - I just don't fancy jumping out of an airplane and plummeting to my death.
  2. spent the night in jail - Ditto. I got bailed out in a couple hours, and have been saintly ever since.
  3. be a kelp farmer - smelly job I would imagine...
  4. Driven a Big Rig - they scare me. Which is a shame because I'm an engine nut and love automotive technology. Maybe something to overcome, but not today.
  5. Deep sea diving - My ears pop just diving down in the deep end of the pool; excruciating! I'd not manage it. Snorkel for me please.
  6. Own a Horse - I'm terrified of horses, always have been. As a kid I went to horse camp to overcome this fear, learned all the stuff re: bits, saddles and how to take proper care, learned how to ride and everything and at the end of it: I still didn't like horses; they are too big and too smart.
  7. I'm struggling on this...perhaps leave it blank as I'm never committed to not trying new things

of the items in my big lingerie trunk...

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this area of my life is lacking somewhat compared to Aughra's! But then I don't work where she does and have as easy access. Things to change??

  1. One black sheer negligee thingie...
  2. One white negligee thingie...
  3. a pair of hot pink sheer pants (lost the matching bra, may have put in charity bag by accident or stolen by pervvy moving man)
  4. three sets of satin pajamas in black, light blue and pink.
  5. A sheet of rose scented lining paper.
  6. A huge dust bunny!!
  7. A box containing a collection of perfume oils for dabbing on lightbulbs.

things I should be doing right now, instead of wasting time on the computer...

  1. vacuuming - ditto
  2. laundry - ditto
  3. writing
  4. doing the Billy Blank's Tae-Bo workout DVD
  5. baking malt loaf for chill-blains (the kids)
  6. phoning the council for uplift of large items (should've done it a month ago but keep forgetting)
  7. showering - ditto, will do after Billy...

Folk whom I hope will answer their very own Sevens of their choosing...

  1. Susie Sunshine
  2. Mistress Blaze
  3. Inspired Crone
  4. Gerbera Daisy Duke
  5. Karlababble
  6. Kimdergarten
  7. Innocent Bystander

Although Innocent being a bloke, I'm not too sure he'll have a lingere drawer...but you can just share your favourite Dior Homme items instead or something, eh Innocent?

'K off to kick butt and do some ironing *groan*

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