Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Some Things just makes me laugh!

This is one of them: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince leaked in Canada (and I don't mean he peed on a tree). that's not even the funniest part, it's this bit from Mugglenet...

P leaked in Canada
"Raincost Books, the publisher of the Harry Potter series in Canada, has released a statement regarding a leak of up to 15 copies of Half Blood Prince. The leak occurred when the retailer, the Great Canadian Superstore, accidentally put the copies out for sale. In response to the leak, Raincost Books has filed an injunction to protect the plot and is urging anyone who obtained a copy to return it until July 16th.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!"

1) They got a shipment of a dozen books and "Accidently" put it out on a table to sell?

2) Folks who actually bought these books (lucky Buggers!), we can trust them to return the book so we can give it back to them on the 16th:

How delusional are they?? I can smell the lawsuits over any of those lucky folk who bought one, sold it to a newspaper for the scoop of the year and made a fortune.

Poor J.K. Rowling; doesn't pay to be so damned talented. (Well actually it does pay, she's worth more than the Queen.)

And they're not alone; it's happened in New York too

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