Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I've nicked this from Louise's blog.

"Your mission if you choose to accept it: You have to sleep with 10 celebrities, 5 male and 5 female, I don't know why, maybe your life depends on it, maybe you just enjoy swinging both ways. Fact is you do. Pick them and tell me who and why. "

Well, okay. Since you asked nicely, but I'm sure there's going to be a few gag reflexes because I know I've mentioned before my taste in men is pretty unusual. My taste in women is fairly pedestrian though. Here they are in their picture layered glory:


Who are they? Men first...

1) Jerry Lewis. It would have to be the 1950's version of Jerry Lewis so he's a bit more age appropriate for me, plus he was at the height of his zany humor. I'm a sucker for a slapstick comic, but not just any ole' prat fall man (like you'll notice Jim Carrey's not here because the man is way too needy!). He has to have intelligence and Jerry is incredibly clever, and he has to have confidence; again Jerry's got it in spades, baby. He was my first love, at the age of five I saw him in a black and white movie called "Visit to a small planet." and my heart has never left him.

2) Penn Jillette. Well he's tall, I like tall. He's funny, I like funny. He's also incredibly smart. I'm weak in the knees already. Add a huge smidgen of confidence and ego and I'm giggling like schoolgirl and blushing up the neck.

3) John Cusack. He's just so sexy. He's tall, funny and unassuming. He speaks from the heart and spares all the bullshit. He's honest and raw, but sweet and charming.

4) Rik Mayall. I know lots of folk are going to disagree, but he fits my formula of funny with smarts. He's also shown himself to be extremely tender and affectionate as well as a dirty pig. The man is a genius and he loves life, you can just see it in his eyes. Happy people are a luxury.

5) Russell Crowe. Here comes the odd one. He's not zany, or even known for having much of a sense of humor. He always seems angry and arrogant. This is the guy I would want to take in my arms and try and make him see the good and shining beauty in life. I would want to help him. Haven't we all found someone we liked, but wanted to change in some way? I would try and change Russ into a happy guy.

The Women...

1) Aimee Mann. I love her music, she's a very gifted songwriter/performer and think she's quite brilliant but not appreciated the way she should be.

2) Claire Danes. What is it with her eyes? Ever since she was in that show "My so called life" I just seem drugged when I watch her. It was even worse when I saw "Romeo and Juliet". She's the closest I've ever come to having lesbian feelings.

3) Alyssa Milano
. She seems like she'd be a lot of fun. She's spunky, fit and always smiling. She has amazing energy and she's got confidence without being bitchy. She'd be a great pal.

4) Dr. Tanya Byron. I was shocked to see Louise had her too! She is the ultimate mother figure. Someone who would give you endless cuddles and whose lap would always be there for you to rest your head upon. She'll always listen (being a psychologist helps) and she'd be the perfect babysitter. She's really pretty too!

5) Jo from "Facts of Life" (Nancy McKeon). She was tough, and not afraid of anyone or anything. She was smart and never expected to have things just given to her; she worked for everything she had. What an awesome role model. I know I would have to have sex with her, and neither of us would like it but she'd understand.

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