Friday, July 29, 2005

See what I found

I was walking up the street, rushing to collect Sassy-Face from school back in April when I looked over, like you do, into the front yard of a house that had a "For Sale/Sold!" sign out front. The house didn't interest me, it was the large laundry basket filled with battered toys left out near the curb that caught my eye.

I looked but kept walking. I stopped. I went back. Looked again. Star Wars toys. Nice. Kept walking. Stopped. Went back. Thought to myself; If I could get those for Husband he'd be kind of surprised. Must get Sassy-Face though. But what if the trashmen come and take the toys. But I can't be late to collect child from school.

The guy who owned the house must have seen me doing this weird dance outside his house (I was pushing the baby is her stroller the whole time) and he came out to see me. He asked if there something he could do for me. I asked if he was throwing these toys away. Yes, he says. Can I have them, I asked. Sure, he says.
I then did another couple minutes of funny dancing thinking, how am I going to get this basket on the buggy? I had just about decided I would carry the baby and strap the basket into the stroller when his neighbor, a Mommy with a kid in Sassy's class, asked what I was doing. I told her. She said I could put the basket behind her hedge and I could come back for it later. Hooray!

When Husband and I got back home, with the basket, this is what we found. They are original 1977-1983 Star Wars toys. They're in an awful state, very much played with for a couple generations at least (and definately in a sandbox), but I thought Husband could have fun restoring them. He's always said the one thing he really wanted as a kid was Star Wars toys, but they were so expensive he was never allowed to have them. Ebay sells replacement parts for cheap and it could be a great project.

Sassy-Face found them today. She's got them out and is happily playing away in the sandbox as if she's just got all the best X-mas gifts. She is over the moon. I don't think Husband will mind considering he's pretty much ignored them since we brought them home (although he was psyched to see them and did spend some time thinking about how to restore them) and to see his little girl so happy will make it worth while.

Isn't that what these toys were made for? (Husband was very happy Sassy was playing with them BTW and he even looks forward to the end of the rain so he can join her in the sandbox. Ain't they cute?!)

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