Sunday, July 17, 2005

Media Blackout

I'm currently on a media blackout until I finish reading "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince." because I don't want anybody, anywhere to ruin the surprises in the book for me. I'm not, even though desperately tempted, going to peek at the last few chapters.

I'm going to page by page skim the book for general content and find out who gets killed (I'm thinking Snape, Dumbledore or Mr. Weasley but honestly have NO CLUE) and then I'll read it again and at a proper slow pace to get all those little things I missed the first time around. It's the only way I can read these stories. Actually I read most books this way. I'm like a starving person who greedily gobbles up everything on their plate, and then eats a second helping with a bit more relish. (Although I prefer brown sauce.) (ouch)

I'll not be looking at any blogs, news reports, newspapers or even my mobile/cell phone until I'm done so I don't see any spoilers or hear some dumb fuck say "Oh and isn't chapter seven a complete surprise?!" when I've only finished chapter two because I'll then just jump ahead to chapter seven because I'm weak. I know some saddo has already read the whole 600 plus pages and will have started spouting spoilers a la "Hardy-Har! I always knew!" so fuck them all, I'm going into the bomb shelter.

See everyone in about a week!


p.s. - see you fellow fans on the mugglenet chatrooms to discuss how book seven will end.

p.p.s. (As I write this the twat hosting the kid's morning tv show is saying he's read the book four times. I'm putting ear fucking plugs in!!)

p.p.p.s.- Yes, I'll still put Geezer's ass up if it comes smellin' up my mailbox a la nutella.

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