Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm a Winner!

I've just won Geezer's caption competition! I'm so...Happy!

What's my prize? A picture of Geezer's ass with a ripe-red hand print from his beloved Maja, AND a surprise Star Wars figure to be nestled between his sweet cheeks. I'm so *honoured* (note, I even included the useless "U" in honoured, just for Geezer)

As soon as I have my prize, I promise to share with everyone, right here.

You can see the previous winner of a picture of Geezer's ass here on Corinna's Blog.

If anything will scare the kiddy-fiddlers away it's gonna be a picture of Geezer's hairy ass.

(Remember all cautionary posts on this blog are to be posted in saftey orange. you've been warned)

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