Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July!

I'm all excited!

This will be the first Fourth of July in Scotland that we've had a bar-b-que. We've never been able to justify the expense and have taken nearly two years to hem and haw over what type to get; gas or charcoal, big or small, q-grill or George Foreman, cheap and cheerful or full monty?

We ended up, after much debate, with a medium sized charcoal kettle grill that cost £30.00 from Tescos. We figured if we turn out not to like the whole bar-b-que experience, we're not out too much cash. I figure we'll be out there every night, even just to light it and warm our feet in the glow of the coal. I'd love to show you a picture of it, but it's so cheap they don't even bother advertising it on their website.

Last night we fired it up and Husband had great fun making big flames with the starter bag. We didn't know you needed extra charcoal to put on top of the starter bag, so we just had that, but it was enough to cook five hamburgers (premade and frozen, but really nice!) some homemade pretzels on sticks, and attempted to toast marshmallows, but they just melted off the stick, becoming pink napalm.

We stayed outside in the windy grey weather wrapped up in fleece jackets until almost 9pm. Husband was tying knots in some twine, Sassy was kicking a football around and body surfing on her space hopper and I was telling her the story (very badly and with huge gaping holes much to Husband's amusement) about how the thistle became the flower of Scotland.

None of us really wanted to have the fun to end, but it was getting cold, the embers had burned out and with a little struggle, we got Sassy inside. I think she enjoyed having Mum and Dad all to herself as her little sister went to bed at 7pm, there was no competition for our attentions; she was glorious. For that reason alone I think the night time BBQ's will continue, even if it's just to warm our hands and feet.

I can't wait for the Perseids now!

Happy Fourth of July!!

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