Sunday, July 17, 2005

For all you Ass-loving Gaylords!

Here's my prize for winning Geezer's caption competition, along with my winning submission and congratulations note from Maja and Geezer.

Hi Lyvvie,

Congratulations on your brand spanking new picture of geezer's ass complete with not one, but TWO hand prints, and special guest star Obi Wan Kenobi!!!! I was quite amazed by the way welts developed on his arse from the slap I gave him. He screamed like a three year old girl when I did it, too. We are starting to question our respectability these days what with all these sick photos we're taking.. but it's all in the name of fun fun fun, and we don't care what anyone thinks anyway. Obviously!!!

Can't WAIT until you post the pic... hell you may find yourself so inspired that you decide to take some similar photos of your hubbies arse next time you're bored and feeling a little bit fruity.

Take care, have fun and ENJOY!

xox Maja and Geezer

My winning submission to Geezer's caption: "Geezer,let me help you off with those grimey,3 week old under garments with what appears to be nutella smeared up the really like to........... [Lyvvie] "Make you wear them on your head and parade your dirty ass through the town streets so everyone can see what a filthy bugger you really are until you can learn the "Wipe and peek until your bum goes squeak!" method of bottom cleaning!"

My ass pic prize, complete with TWO red shiny hand marks...

Geezer's Arse

And I've noticed today that Geezer's put up a picture of said pants on his head, looking sullen (geezer, not his pants...the pants look like they need drowned in holy water, torched and the ashes buried on sacred ground.)

I really love how Obi-Wan has his light sabre drawn, as if to "None shall enter here!"

Thank You!!!

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