Thursday, July 21, 2005


When Husband kissed me goodbye this morning, I looked like this.


Not very pretty. I've noticed recently I'm starting to look my age, which I've never done before. I've always been told I look younger. I'm now 33. I'm not suffering with wrinkles, but then I have a chubby face which plump any wrinkles out. I'm going to have to accept that I've now reached the age where I require a certain amount of cosmetics to make myself look better. I've never been keen on putting on make-up because I find it really boring and the stuff is expensive.

Occasionally I get inspired to change everything. Today was one of those days. Hair trimmed shorter, and colored dark brown. A bit of lippy and mascara and voila!

I think I'm looking all right. I wonder what Husband will think. Why did I change away from the red hair, I hear you ask; well, it was all getting really tiresome. I have to update the color every two weeks, and it just bleeds everytime it gets wet. I've ruined all my white shirts with pink drips. After five months of that, my hair is a bit of a mess (hence the short trim) and my scalp is not pleased with me either. I keep saying I'll let my natural colour grow out, I haven't seen it since I was 12 and it would be interesting to see it again. I know I have plenty of grey hair, well more white really judging from what I pluck out of my eyebrows.

I should start paying closer attention to Badger's cosmetics blog
Lipstick is my Crack.

So, whaddaya think?

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