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I've been tagged by Nancy of Soliloquy to talk about the top 5 things I miss from my childhood.

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okay. Now that you've wasted an hour of your life cutting and pasting; write about the 5 things you miss the most from childhood.

Mine are...

1.) I miss being fascinated by everything; the wings of a bug, the joints on a spider's legs and the eyes on it's head, the dry brittleness of grass seed, poppy seeds as they fall out of pod, the mountain of fluff that comes from milkweed, the ebb and flow of the waves over my feet as they sink deeper into the sand, the smells of everything (shoes, clothes, food, air, flowers, animals, cosmetic's counters, old folk's homes, cars...) the various levels of crunch you get from different breakfast cereals and what happens if you mix them all in the same bowl, the rainbows that float over the top of a bubble that fade to black and white just before it pops.

The need to experiment, the time to be able to whist away the hours on being fascinated with world around us. As an adult we break our time up into segments of constructive activity, anything else is wasted time. A child doesn't waste time, they don't even know what time is.

2.) Antagonizing my older brother. I am 7 years younger than him, so when I was a kid, he was a teenager (And so good at it too; we hated each other) I would annoy him until he hit me and then cry hysterically so Mom or Dad would yell at him. I would break into his room and touch his stuff; incredibly risky if I got caught as I would definately be beaten up but I loved the thudding of my heart, the desperate attempts to hold my breath and prick my ears to catch any signs of him coming upstairs, only to manage to steal a tennis ball; but it was an amazing victory. The best all time item I ever stole from his room was a tightly rolled joint. I knew what it was thanks to Nancy Reagan (Just say NO!) and I immediately crumbled it up in my fingers and flushed it down the toilet. Later he came up to me and asked me if I was in his room. "No. Why?" and what was he going to say? He couldn't even go and complain to Mom...just in case, because I would definitely tattle-tale.

We are now all grown up (Him more than me, the big doofus. He thinks he's such a "Grown Up". not.) and separated by 6000 miles of ocean and turf but we're closer now than we ever were before.

3.) Being small. I miss being able to climb trees because I was light enough for a branch to support me. I miss being able to play in the playground; they make slides much narrower than they did in the 70's. I miss sitting on my Mom or Dad's lap and being cuddled in snug and safe, warm and loved and falling asleep to the sound of their heartbeat. I used to hide under cars, on the bottom of closets among dusty books and shoes, dig snow caves and hide in the shrubbery. Being small was wonderful. It's just a shame that, at the time, all I wanted was to be Big.

I'm now 5foot8 and around 200lbs. I'm not going to hide in any shrubbery, or sit on my mom's lap.

4.) Dairy Queen. I grew up across the street from a Dairy Queen. I also had a diabetic father. We were sugar deprived children and trips to the Dairy |Queen were super special treats indeed. I loved the Dilly bars, hot fudge sundaes with salted peanuts sprinkled on top and the slush type drinks. Being a small town shop they were accommodating to special requests; mine was to have a large dollop of vanilla soft serve dropped into grape flavored Mr. Misty (slushy), it was heavenly. When I introduced my Scottish boyfriend (now Husband) to Dairy Queen I got to experience the awe of the place all over again.

Adulthood robs you of these simple pleasures and makes them feel perverse, sinful and aging.

5) Summer Camp. My parents both worked full time so every Summer I was sent off to Camp Yomechas. It was a place to get away from school time bullies, and re-meet those Summer friends from last year. I had my first kiss there, swam my first 1000meters and I was an ace at archery and yet have never played it anywhere else or since. I watched the Perseids while sleeping in the middle of a field, and caught lightening bugs in a jar, only to be disappointed by their plainness in daylight. It was wild, hot, wet and full of the smell of clean dirt and pine sap. I went home every night warm, with slight sunburn and spent energy. During Summer camp, there was no time or interest in playing Atari games. On the weekends, my Mom and I would go back for family camping and nightly campfires, so I spent, just about, every day of my Summer vacation at Camp Yomechas

(In case you're wondering, Yomechas got it's name from the first two letters of Young Men's Christan Association)

Well there you go. I was a nasty little sister and an ice cream deprived spoiled brat. Can I go back?

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