Friday, June 24, 2005


According to a recent post by the Lightening Bug's Butt, there's a recipe for creating a great blog; and I was dismayed to see that according to his recipe, My blog must suck!

There's a lack of political commentary; but that's because I'm not very political. I live in a country where I can't vote, and I've not voted in any USA elections...ahem...ever. Sorry! I know that's horrible of me and there's no excuse. The first time around was when I was 19 years old, and I was going to vote for Clinton, but decided to have sex with my boyfriend instead and then go for coffee and a Boston cream donut. Before i knew it it was too late. I didn't feel to bad though because, well, Clinton won even without my vote. The other two times I admit was pure laziness on my part and I didn't go to the embassy for an away ballot. I am guilt ridden as a result. I promise, the next time...I'll vote. Sorry Mom, I know I lied about voting back in '92, but I couldn't tell you the truth.

I don't have any of the scary stories I penned while in high school. When moving countries, you can only take what you really need. The rest was thrown away when my folks sold the family home in '98. I do remember a story about a lonely sad guy who was trying to call someone, a doctor maybe, but he was put on hold. He was sitting there talking to himself about how much he hates being on hold when a voice starts talking to him. In the end it turns out to be some evil demon thing and it turns the guy into a pile of dust after seducing his soul away from him. I think I was trying to write something for the Twilight Zone or the Crypt Keeper...I dunno.

I have no pictures of my pets looking their cutest, but I'll just substitute with my kids instead.

I wouldn't bother with an open letter to my Ex, because life is too short to hold onto sad or bitter feelings. I talked with him last year actually after 10 years. Found his info on Classmates (what a dork am I?) We exchanged two letters, I sent him a photo of my then 3 month old and I never heard from him again. *shrug* no booty call then?

I wouldn't write a letter about why Mac is better than PC because I'm not a techno-geek and really could care less. So long as I can send e-mail, do word processing and play with my blog, I don't care.

I've not put any song lyrics up. I did post one poem, and one link to a music video of Weird Al...I hope that counts.

The final was "A photo showcasing your cleavage". I've never done that either, but if anyone's ya go!

And just for good measure, some bum cleavage too.

I hope that helps. I really want a successful blog. Thanks for the advice LBB!!


Anonymous said...

I think its ridiculous that you feel the need to show your body off in such a derogatory way just to have a more popular blog...

Lyvvie said...

Well it's mine to do with as I wish. I'm empowered enough to make a joke about it. If you'd bothered to read the post that accompanied the pictures you'd see that. You Scaredy-Cat, Anon, archive trawling, judgmental person, you.