Sunday, June 19, 2005


Well the party was AWESOME!! It went better than I ever expected. We had 16 guests out of an invite list of 27, not too bad. Mostly girls, we only had two boys show; is this an indication of the seperation of the sexes as play-pals already?

We rented a party package from out local sports center, so it's a two hour affair where the first hour is a runabout in a "soft play gym" and the biggest frigging bouncy castle you ever saw in your life (about 15 ft. high and 20 ft. wide, made of tough canvas and yes, a 200lb woman can bounce safely in it! Actually, two can...) I had the pleasure of having two of the best moms come and hang out with us (As the two Moms I had thought were going to help did not; one had to go back home because her husband needed a jog, and the other thought the party was on Sunday, not Saturday) These ladies were the best; running riot with the kids, playing tag (called "tig" here), being bounce assistants (more like defensive backs, chucking the kids back in when they bounce out of bounds) and being the tickle monsters and the second hour is for food, cake and party games.

As previously mentioned I was not going to be the hostess with all the usual party games, so I paid a feller (Mr. Barking!) to come and sing songs and entertain the kids. He was superb. He had a great mix of fun songs, toilet humor, snot jokes and even a very cheeky rag doll puppet. They had chocolate cake and snacks with candy necklaces and watches while they watched Mr. Barking, and then a party bag full of other candy, a toy and a party popper to take home.

unfortunately...we were having so much fun playing with all the kids, we forgot to take pictures.


Sassy-Face is still sleeping...and it's almost 9am. Unheard of. I'll be buying a bouquet of flowers for each of those Super-Moms
who helped make this party such a success. now...the thanks you cards...*poop*

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