Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just when I thought it was safe...

Life is on a downhill at the moment. It's okay. I know it can't always be fluffy clouds and rainbows; I'm philosophical and accepting. I know there's some theory about biorythyms and such, but I'm too lazy to read about it. I do have a wee thing on my mobile, but the instruction booklet doesn't explain it. It just says "Admire the handy biorythym feature!" so I suppose the information is out there waiting for osmosis to take place, perhaps it'll blow in on the next breeze.

This a week of planning. I have 6 weeks of school holiday with Sassy-Face and the Baby (Who we've started calling Noggin because she's got a permanent bruise somewhere on her forehead from falling down. She's got such a huge head that if she falls the sheer weight of the bowling ball on her shoulders pitches her forward even faster and with greater force into a final impact; be it floor, wall, door or often my big toe. Poor Lumpy Noggin) I'm trying ot organise regular lunches, which I know she won't eat. Regular trips into Edinburgh for the Royal Museum and Royal Botanical Gardens. Maybe a trip to Butterfly World (expensive!) or the Camera Obscura. Lots of fun in the Princes Gardens where there's a playpark and merry-go-round (they never put the apostrophe in "Princes" and it annoys me) and lots of other stuff too. I was thinking of going to Rosslyn to see the chapel, but it's still full of dumb tourists following the path of the Da Vinci Code...yes, they do do that.

Husband says we should do more reading and writing practice with Sassy over the summer so she doesn't forget anything and she can catch up. We got her report card recently. It never said anything bad, but it was boringly normal. A few words about low self-esteem and being afraid to try new things, she's naturally cautious. So, I imagine a few trips into different town's libraries will be in order too. At least hey are free entertainment.

Needless to say (But I'm gonna anyways) I'll be scaling back my time on the computer over the summer time, to probably one or tow posts a week. It's not fair on the kids otherwise. My own writing will have to be an after bedtime treat, but only if my chores are done. I'm entering into the unknown. I've never had two kids home for the whole summer before. I'm a bit apprehensive. I'll have to read more of Susie's blog and Chrys's...and any other mom's blog who has more than two. Then I'll feel I'm just being a big noise and I'll get on with things.

But I'm buying a big bottle of gin, just in case.

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