Saturday, June 04, 2005

(Forgotten) conversations with my 5 year old...

We've been having a testing day with Sassy-face. She's in a mood. She doesn't want to eat, but she does want to go swimming, playing out with friends and go to the Birthday Party at the aquarium for one of her wee pals. A kids got to eat in order to have the energy to do all that stuff. She makes many carbohydrate loaded suggestions that I say no to, she's already had cereal, chocolate cookies at Great-Grandma's house and bread; she loves plain bread, would eat a whole loaf of it if I let her. I thought some meat, protein was in order for a late-lunch-pre-birthday cake and candy feast. After much arguing, I just made a ham and cheese sandwich and some assorted veggies on a plate, plopped it in front of her and said "Eat this or no party." I may have even grunted, pointed and made angry caveman faces. Either way she got the message and began picking at her food in that annoying way she does as if she's thinking "I'm only enduring this because the sound of your infernal browbeating is now tiresome". What a brat.

This conversation took place after lunch...
Sassy-face: Mommy, I'm bored. When are we leaving.

Me: Twenty minutes.

Sassy-Face: Twenty Hours?? (exaggerated vowel sounds on hours so it "OOOoooowwwweeerrrsssss?")

Me: No. Twenty Minutes. In twenty hours it will be tomorrow and you'll have already been there, come back, had dinner, bath and been put to bed.

Sassy-Face: I get a story too. You forgot story.

Me: ...and if you've been good a story too.

Sassy-Face: Can I put a movie on?

Me: No. We're leaving in twenty minutes.

Sassy-Face: Can I go play Sonic(The hedgehog on our dreamcast)?

Me: (getting annoyed) No, we're leaving soon. Go outside and play for a bit if you're bored.

Sassy-Face: Nah, Don'wanna.

Okay...the reality is, I started writing this on Saturday, she had said some pretty funny things so I was going to write it down so I wouldn't forget, but we got into a tussle over her being a nag, I'm sure you can see that coming in the conversation I did manage to write before we had to run and to go to the party. Now it's Monday and I forget the whole conversation.

Who knows how many other pearls of wit I've forgotten. Why can't I have a brain that stores everything like an exact filesystem so I can simply recall at will. It's just not fair. We live on this Earth for such a short time on the grand scale of things, and when something makes us laugh, stop and take notice; we should have the brain capacity and decency to remember it!

I'm buying a dictaphone...

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